Both heats were dominated by eventual F1 World Champion Jackie Stewart, but Mario Andretti managed to pass Stewart both times to win by a significant margin: three seconds in the first heat and 12 seconds in the second. He came away the winner, followed by Jackie Stewart, Denis Hulme, Chris Amon, and Tim Schenken in the top five. The best-finishing Formula A driver was Rob Grable in seventh place, followed by Lou Sell in 13th and Mark Donohue in 14th.


Despite the hefty prize money and the promise of two distinct formula series competing against one another, the 1971 Questor Grand Prix was destined to be a one-off event. The race drew a mere 55,000 fans, and despite Ontario Motor Speedway’s ability to host countless racing events, the track never quite established itself with any sanctioning body. It was demolished 10 years later.

The Questor Grand Prix may simply have fallen victim to circumstance. The Formula A cars simply weren’t fast enough to compete against the F1 machines, though a formidable competition could have been staged a few years later, in the mid 1970s. Formula One, too, had no idea how to break into America in any tangible way; the success of Watkins Glen was always tenuous, and the politics of international competition and expectations were always complex. Unfortunately, that was the last time F1 cars took on American open-wheel racers in competition.