The 2022 Mercedes AMG EQS Will Start Under $150,000

Well, $148,550, including destination fees, if you want to be specific.

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Photo: Mercedes

Mercedes said Friday that the 2022 Mercedes-Benz AMG EQS will start at $148,550, including destination charges, or around $45,000 more than the regular EQS, Mercedes’ flagship all-electric car. That is a premium price for what Mercedes insists is a premium product.

The AMG EQS will have an output of 649 horsepower, or up to 751 horsepower via a boost function. It has a variable all-wheel drive system, which Mercedes says checks the torque “10,000 times per minute” and then sends power to the front or rear axles depending on what it finds to get the best grip. The car will get every one of Mercedes’ driver assistance features, things like lane keeping assist and automatic emergency braking and adaptive cruise control and all the rest. The AMG EQS will also get the giant MBUX Hyperscreen as standard.

The suspension will be AMG specific:

The driving dynamics are further enhanced with the standard AMG RIDE CONTROL+ suspension with adaptive adjustable damping. Like the EQS from Mercedes-EQ, the suspension of the new Mercedes-AMG EQS features a four-link axle at the front and a multi-link axle at the rear. AMG engineers specifically improved the components and configured them to meet the special requirements of AMG customers. The AMG RIDE CONTROL+ suspension is based on AIRMATIC air suspension combined with adaptive, electronically controlled adjustable damping together with rear-axle steering of up to 9-degrees as standard.


Mercedes says that the AMG EQS will also come in two different trims for the American market, one called Exclusive and the other called Pinnacle, though it’s not totally clear what the differences are, given that they also seem to share a lot of features.

Additional thoughtful interior elements include, heated and ventilated front seats, leather seating surfaces, active multicontour front seats with enhanced massage and comfort headrests, wireless smartphone integration, wireless charging in the front and Burmester® Surround Sound System with 3D Sound, EQ Sound Experience and Sound Personalization.


The point of this car, in any case, is to be the best electric car in the world, and to give anyone thinking about buying the Tesla Model S Plaid some pause, even if the Model S Plaid is a little cheaper, starting at $135,990. I’m sure most buyers in both camps will be hard to persuade otherwise, though.