Rapper Offset Wants $950,000 Judgement Reversed Over Bentley He Claims He Didn't Steal

Offset says the mother of one of his children had the Bentley when it disappeared.

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You know, it’s a bit of a stretch to think that a rapper worth $28 million would steal a leased Bentley from a luxury car rental company — but to then hit that same rapper with a judgment that’s four times the value of the car that was stolen? That’s just rubbing salt in the wound. But that’s what has happened to rapper Offset as the Rolling Stone reports that the rapper is looking to have a $950,000 judgment against him reversed over a Bentley he says he didn’t steal.

The drama started in 2021. Offset was a frequent customer of an L.A.-based luxury car rental company called Platinum Transportation Group. PTG filed suit against Offset. In the suit, Platinum claims that Offset had an agreement to rent a 2020 Bentley Bentayga for a few days at a rate of $600 per day. Offset kept extending the rental. But when the time came for the car to be returned, all of a sudden he didn’t know where the vehicle was. From TMZ:

Platinum claims Offset told them he didn’t have the car in his possession, didn’t know who had the car last, or where the hell it was. It had vanished — or at least that’s what Platinum is claiming he told them, with no rational explanation.


Platinum also says that Offset stopped payments on the car not long after it disappeared. But Offset tells a different story.

Court documents obtained by Rolling Stone have Offset claiming he never had the car to begin with:

I was never in possession of the car, and — to my knowledge — was not listed as an ‘additional driver’ on the rental agreement. I had rented cars from PML in the past, however, and they had both my Georgia driver’s license and credit card on file.


He says that the mother of one of his kids was the person who actually leased/rented the car, he just agreed to pay for it.

Offset claims the rental company, Platinum Transportation Group, knew that Oriel Williams was the actual renter and that he simply agreed to cover the rental cost. He said when Williams called him in early July 2020 to say the pricey whip was missing from its parking space outside a gated community, he “immediately” called Platinum.


But he also claims that Platinum never properly served him notice of a suit saying that documents initially went to an address of his father in Georgia, a place he never actually lived. He says he only learned of the suit after his current wife’s (rapper Cardi B) lawyer found the suit in the L.A. County Superior Court system. And while he doesn’t dispute the Bentayga’s cost of $177,521, he claims Platinum’s judgment of $950,027, more than four times the amount of the vehicle, is inflated because Platinum “mislead” the court. A hearing for this drama is scheduled for next month.