What Car Is Too Long?

Cars have always been quite big, really. But what’s a vehicle you see and think, “that’s just too long?”

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A vintage photograph of a Cadillac Fleetwood sedan.
That man is actually stood on the hood of this Cadillac Fleetwood.
Photo: Cadillac

It’s long been known that many car buyers in China like a longer car. It’s an important sign of opulence that has led carmakers to create long-wheelbase models that are exclusively available in Asia. But while these extended cars may add a few inches here and there, some take their lengthy ambitions a step too far.

Long hoods, elongated cabins and extended rear ends can all combine in a car that is just far too long. So, what car out there is the definition of too long?

Sure, the easy answer here is a ridiculous stretched Hummer, the first choice for any self respecting bachelorette party. But if you stick with stock vehicles, what would you say has gone a few inches too long?


When you say “long car” to me, the first thing that springs to mind is the never-ending hood on the Jaguar E-Type. But in total, this car is just 175 inches long, or about the same size as a Ford Focus. Not long at all.

Then, your mind might wander to the elongated behemoths that were rolling off America’s production lines in the 60s and 70s. Cars like the Chrysler Imperial and the Cadillac Fleetwood could dwarf even some modern cars thanks to their hefty hoods and titanic trunks.

And, what about the cars on sale today? They don’t come in too short either!

You can now buy a Ford pickup that’s more than 250 inches long, and a Chevrolet Suburban is 225.7 inches – that’s big! There are also fairly stretched out sedans like the Volvo S90 and elongated supercars like the latest Corvette, which Jalopnik’s own Steve DaSilva says is at least a foot longer than it should be.


Do you agree? And if not, what cars do you think are just too damn long? Head to the comments section below to drop in your answers. We’ll round up your picks for some of the longest cars of all time in a slideshow tomorrow afternoon.