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Mercedes Is Releasing A Maybach Created By Late Designer Virgil Abloh

Just 150 of the limited-edition Maybachs designed by Virgil Abloh will be available to buy.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
A render of the exterior of the limited-edition Maybach.
‘Cause if you’re not really here, I don’t want to be either.
Photo: Mercedes-Benz

Last year, influential fashion designer Virgil Abloh passed away following a two-year battle with cancer. Shortly after his death, it emerged that the former creative director of luxury behemoth Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy (LVMH), had been working with Mercedes-Benz on a new concept car. Now, Maybach is preparing to release a limited-edition limousine inspired by Abloh’s work.

In December, news broke that Abloh had died two years after he was diagnosed with cancer. A year before his death, Abloh collaborated with Mercedes to create a one-off G-Class. Then, just days after he passed, the German carmaker announced that he had also been working with it to create a concept car that was said to be Abloh’s vision for the future of Maybach.


Now, Mercedes has announced the third installment in its collaboration with Abloh, a limited edition Maybach that draws its inspiration from last year’s concept car.

A render of the rear of the limited-edition Maybach.
I wanna be next to you, black and gold.
Photo: Mercedes-Benz

And what a car the officially-titled Maybach by Virgil Abloh has turned out to be!

The exterior is the first thing you notice, obviously, and it utilizes the same two-tone piano black and “sand hue” that was found on the Project Maybach concept. The rims, as with the concept, feature the same sandy color but without the chunky off-road tires seen on the earlier collaboration.

Inside the luxury limousine, there are further custom flourishes.

The black and beige color scheme continues, with the seats, door trim, steering wheel and center consoles all being given a covering of sand-colored Nappa leather. Thankfully, to ensure you don’t go staining the floor with your dirty sneakers, Maybach opted for black, high-pile carpets with a sand-colored trim.


The window frames are painted, and a special Mercedes-Maybach and Virgil Abloh logo has been inscribed on the piano black middle of the center console, rear cushions, headrests and door sill panels.

A render of the inside of the limited edition Maybach.
The black and sand color scheme continues inside.
Photo: Mercedes-Benz

As well as all those luxury trimmings, anyone that buys one of the limited-edition Maybachs will also get a free gift! They’ll each be presented with a wooden box containing an immaculate 1/18 scale replica of the limited-edition car, as well as their keys for the real thing.

So, while it might not be quite as cool as the Project Maybach concept, which was an electric Maybach off-roader so nothing could ever be quite that cool, this is a pretty dreamy spec.


Sure, most of these cars will end up being owned by people who never drive them, but what a lovely looking place to be while someone else ferries you around?

If you want one, you’d better get in line quick as Maybach will only make 150 of them. And, if you end up getting one, then let me know as I would like to shake your hand for having excellent taste.