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Ram Teases New EV Truck During Ford F-150 Lightning Launch Week

Stellantis is trying to steal the electric F-150 Lightning's thunder with its latest teaser

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Screenshot: Ram Trucks via Twitter

The fellas over at Stellantis are nothing if not consistent. They may not be first, but dammit they are gonna make a splash anyway. The company’s newest splash? An electric Ram 1500 pickup truck. It’s expected to be the first real EV to come from the company ahead of vehicles from Jeep and Chrysler.

The teaser tweet about the new truck also coincides with Ford’s official launch of the F-150 Lightning EV pickup truck. It’d be pretty hard to see that as a coincidence – especially because of the tweet itself.


“Time to steal some thunder. Unleashing Fall 2022,” the tweet reads. Get it? Thunder. It’s electric. Thunder comes after lightning? Marketing is so clever.


Ram’s tweet also links to a website about the “Ram Revolution.” There’s a video with tons of shots of both middle-America and generic cities. There’s tons of cliche lines like “a truck that doesn’t know how to quit.” Frankly, I love shit like this because silly marketing just itches something in my brain.

There aren’t many details on the new Ram EV, but one thing is certain – it’s entering an already crowded (and hyped) field. Other than Ford’s Lightning, there’s also the Rivian R1T and GM’s Hummer EV. An electrified Chevy Silverado is also expected to pop up next year. Oh, and don’t forget the very real and very not a scam Tesla Cybertruck. It’s coming any day now.

According to Autoblog, the Ram EV is headed for production sometime in 2024. It’ll ride on the STLA Frame EV platform with a battery capacity up to 101-118 kWh. The big draw? (Get it, it’s an electricity pun?) The range. Reports show it could reach up to 500 miles, which is more than competitors.

I don’t know about y’all, but I just want an EV Ram TRX because I’m a chaotic individual.