Since then, Stellantis has seemed more invested in Jeep, Ram, and Dodge. For good reason of course. Jeep prints money for the company and Dodge has been on a throw-a-V8 in everything kick for years now. Now, the company is throwing over $35 billion to electrify its brands lineups by 2030.

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Image: Stellantis

Want to know how much of that Chrysler is getting? Just take a look at the Airflow. It was originally shown at CES in 2020 before being shown at CES again this year. Now, three months later, at one of the biggest auto shows of the year, there’s still no new product for Chrysler. The Airflow concept shown in New York is half-assed. They gave it a dark paint job and called it “Graphite.” And then they tell us the Airflow isn’t coming for another three years.


If Stellantis wants us to believe that Chrysler will be around long enough to go electric and have new product, it isn’t doing a very good job of convincing us. Every other brand in the Stellantis portfolio has had multiple new products or concepts shown. Chrysler needed new products yesterday. A repainted version of an EV shown three months ago that was teased two years prior to that that isn’t coming for another three years tells me all I need to know about where Stellantis’ priorities lie as far as Chrysler is concerned.