What Automotive Story Would Make A Great Movie?

Do you have a story, fact or anecdote that might make a great automotive movie?

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A photo of the Brawn GP F1 car in Abu Dhabi.
Would you watch a movie about Brawn GP’s 2009 championship win?
Photo: Paul Gilham (Getty Images)

Here at Jalopnik, we love a good car movie. Whether it’s the ridiculousness of the Fast & Furious franchise or a look back through the history books with a documentary such as Senna, we’re always down for a good film night. But, we’re running out of flicks to watch, so want to dream up some new movies.

So, today we’re talking about the stories that would make for a great car film. And, we want your help in coming up with a list of great pitches to take to the studios.

It could be a moment in history that would make for a great documentary, or maybe you heard about a notorious bank robber that’s crying out to be played by Jason Statham in a car chase-filled flick.


Whatever the story, we want to hear your suggestions for moments in automotive history that would make for a great movie. And, bonus points if you let us know who you think would play the main character.

Tales like the whole rise and fall of DeLorean would make for a great watch. Or with Elon Musk already appearing in a show about his missions to space, why not add a film about the rise of Tesla into the mix?

And there are a whole heap of great stories from the world of motorsport that I’d love to see on the silver screen. When are we getting our Lewis Hamilton biopic, and where is our zero to hero retelling of the 2009 F1 championship win from Brawn GP?

So, what do you think should be added to this list?

Head to the comments section below and let us know what automotive stories would make the best car movies. We’ll round up some of the best responses in a slideshow tomorrow.