Even More Proof That People In Florida Don't Understand Drawbridges

A boat full of partygoers got caught up in the mechanism of a Florida drawbridge after taking a wrong turn.

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Floridians and drawbridges don’t mix.
Gif: Jillian Pisciotta

So far this year, we’ve seen a Florida motorcycle rider almost fall off a drawbridge and another driver in the sunshine state was almost dropped into a river by a rising bridge. Clearly, Floridians and drawbridges don’t mix. Well now, we’ve got another run in between a drawbridge and the natives of Florida, but this time it was a boat that got in on the action.

A video is doing the rounds online that shows a boat full of partygoers passing under a drawbridge in Florida. Specifically, it appears to be the Cato Bridge in Tequesta, FL, which features a moveable section in the middle and a long section of roadway to one side.

According to a local news outlet, the boat was sheltering under the section of roadway to get out of the rain. But, this was an area of the bridge with signs saying “Unauthorized personnel prohibited,” “Danger moving machinery” and “No trespassing, violators will be prosecuted.”


While the boat was sheltering from the storm, the moveable section of the bridge began to rise. The vessel got caught up in the machinery of the bridge, which began crushing the roof of the boat and forced one side out of the water.


In a video of the whole ordeal, people in bathing suits are seen jumping off the boat as it is crushed beneath the machinery. Onlookers are heard shouting “get out of the boat, why are they still in there?”

Another voice says “where’s the dog? Is there another dog?” And that is a question I need an answer to ASAP.


Reports aren’t clear if there were any injuries as a result of the incident.

According to local news station WSVN, “a Palm Beach County spokesperson said the bridge tender was unaware that the boat was underneath the bridge.”