Don't Forget to Clean Your Steering Wheel

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We’ve covered this before, but it bears repeating. Absolutely clean your steering wheels regularly, kids. Those things are gross and nasty and you’re probably helping to avoid an outbreak of the plague if you wipe them down periodically enough.

This is especially true if you habitually eat in your car (a massive no-no for me, but you do you). The study we reported back in January found:

The steering wheel is the dirtiest place in a car, according to the study, ahead of the cupholder, seat belt, inside door handle, shifter and volume knob. The study found that the wheel is twice as dirty as the buttons on an elevator, four times as gross as a toilet seat, and six times nastier than a smartphone screen. (Data from a study is just that, remember. Other studies have found that public toilets are cleaner than phone screens, but this one found toilets dirtier.)


So, for the love of all that is holy, please clean those steering wheels. Especially if you are driving a rental car.

This week, I’m back on friend-of-Jalopnik Jolie Kerr’s podcast, Ask a Clean Person. And we’re talking about cleaning car interiors. Car interiors are fun. Car interiors can smell. Real bad.

Take, for example, the woman who needs help because she spilled whipped cream on her cloth seat and the whole car is starting to smell like feet. What then? How do you remove the odor?

Check out our episode to find out!

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I can't believe it still runs either

I used to detail cars. It always amazed me when a steering wheel looked worn out, just to realize that it was just built-up hand gunge....