For those who don’t know, Rikers Island is located in the East River between Queens and The Bronx. It’s one of the most populated areas of the entire world, and a great place to hold a race.

No this isn’t a shitpost – it’s a funpost. And no, I’m not high.

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Photo: U.S. Geological Survey

Hell, when there isn’t a race it can be used for track days and events… owned and sanctioned by the city. It’ll get street racers off public roads and give them somewhere to go. It’s perfect. Eric Adams, that stupid idiot, is gonna give me the key to the city with how much money this thing is gonna make.

I’ve even got some names for corners and sections:

There are many, many more, and please feel free to drop your ideas in the comments as well.


I think F1 and sports car racing would be all for this. I mean it’s New York City, baby. Who wouldn’t want to hold a race here? It’s 15 minutes from Manhattan and only five if you’re an oligarch in a helicopter.

Just look at the twists and turns of the roads on Rikers. They could certainly make for some fun and compelling racing. There’s also plenty of configuration one could make with the track to keep things spicy. Hell, it even has elevation changes on the east side! It’s 417 acres of untapped potential.


I don’t know guys. This idea is so brilliant it just may work.