These Are All The Cars That Sank On The Felicity Ace

Sure, hundreds of Bentleys and Porsches died, but what about that 1996 Prelude?

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Photo: Alf van Beem, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Just under two months ago, the cargo ship Felicity Ace caught fire in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean while hauling millions of dollars worth of European cars. The fire destroyed every single car on board, even forcing Lamborghini to restart production of the Aventador Ultimae to replace burned-up machine. But what of the poor owner of the one (1) 2014 Kia Soul on the ship’s manifest?

As spotted by Top Gear, the manifest of the Felicity Ace is now publicly available. It counts all the Lamborghinis and Porsches we know and love, but some entries are substantially odder. The manifest contains some industrial equipment, like:

The Aventador Ultimae, soon to be reborn like a phoenix from the Felicity Ace’s ashes
The Aventador Ultimae, soon to be reborn like a phoenix from the Felicity Ace’s ashes
Photo: Lamborghini

But you aren’t here for absurd amounts of preowned farm equipment. You want to know the cars. Worry not, dear reader, for there were cars aplenty aboard the Felicity Ace:

  • Five Volkswagen ID.4s, marked as “test” vehicles
  • One similarly test-marked Volkswagen Taigo, which is notably not sold in the U.S.
  • 83 Volkswagen Golfs, with no breakdown between GTIs and Golf Rs
  • 50 Audi Q3s
  • Three Audi A4 Cabrios
  • 44 Audi A5 Sportbacks
  • 10 Audi A5 Coupes
  • 34 Audi E-Trons
  • 9 Audi E-Tron Sportbacks
  • 126 Porsche “Bratislava”s. Porsche has all its cars listed under factory names, but the Bratislava factory builds the Cayenne, so that’s likely what these are
  • 23 Porsche “Zuffenhausen 85"s. The Zuffenhausen factory produces 718s, 911s, and Taycans, though it’s unclear which of those (or their submodels) is the “85"
  • 25 Porsche “Zuffenhausen”s, with no number. These have an average weight of 4,475 lbs, far above even the heaviest 911, making it likely that these are Taycans
  • 19 Porsche “Leipzig 62"s, either the Macan or the Panamera
  • Three Bentley Continental Flying Spurs
  • Six Bentley Continental GTs
  • 12 Bentley Continental GTCs
  • 12 Bentley Bentaygas
  • Five Lamborghini Huracans
  • Six Lamborghini Aventadors
  • 10 Lamborghini Urii?

But the most interesting cars of the bunch weren’t shipped by manufacturers. A few listings on the Felicity Ace’s manifest were privately-owned vehicles, both new and old:

The report from Top Gear lists a number of other vehicles, but those manifests don’t appear on the list of shipments bound for the U.S. aboard the Felicity Ace. It’s possible they were meant to be redirected elsewhere, to Canada or Mexico or South America, but that would mean that Volkswagen truly sent one Taigo here — and why do that?