Who Should Write The Soundtrack To Your Car?

A score, a theme song, or just a nice leitmotif for your car

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Screenshot: BMW M on YouTube

Last year, BMW hired Hans Zimmer to develop a soundtrack for electrified M cars. Now, with the release of the new 7 Series, that sound will finally make its way to an actual production vehicle. But for those of us without top-tier BMW money, our cars are left untouched by famed musicians and composers. To that, I say no more.

In the comments of that blog about the new 7, TheWalrus bestowed upon us a fantastic idea. A suggestion for Question Of The Day that deserved not only recognition, but to be brought into reality. They suggested:

I want a car whose score is composed by Danny Elfman.

In fact - new QOTD suggestion. Who would score the theme to your car. Elfman and the Honda Element kind of works.


We bend to your will, dear readers. What musician should write the music to your car?

My Miata, which needs a name and a soundtrack
My Miata, which needs a name and a soundtrack
Photo: Steve DaSilva

For my car, my initial thought goes to my favorite composing duo — Ramin Djawadi and Tom Morello. After all, who better than the pair that made the Pacific Rim score to set the mood for a track-focused racer?

But, that doesn’t quite work. The Miata’s 1.8 liters of fury can’t quite cash the checks that a Morello and Djawadi score would write. No, instead, a little sports car like that needs something a little less serious, but a little more manic. Something like MeGaLoVania.

Toby Fox, then, is my pick for the composer that would best fit my little Miata. But what about your car? Do you drive a rock crawler that’s best scored by Black Sabbath, a muscle car that deserves sounds from Michael Giacchino, or a fuel-efficient daily driver backed by OK Go? Leave us a comment and let us know.