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Watch: The Hardest And Most Notorious Dirt Bike Race In The World

Austria’s Erzbergrodeo is unlike anything you’ve ever seen in racing, unless you’ve seen the Rodeo

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

In a move to explore more racing series, our household (all two of us) has started to follow SuperCross. I admittedly know little about it, but I’ve been recording and watching races as they happen in order to learn. While SuperCross has its own raw fun to watch, it didn’t take long to find a new love, one that takes SuperCross and tells them to hold this large, tapped keg of beer, because it is insane. There are just too few other adjectives I could use to describe it. Sincerely though, if you want to test your limits on two wheels in the dirt, you enter the FIM Hard Enduro World Championship, and specifically, its manic race: the Erzbergrodeo in Austria.

1800 riders – yes, up to 1800 riders travel to Eisenerz, Austria to take on this Enduro race. This poor little Austrian mining town fills to the brim with tourists and competitors one weekend every year. According to Red Bull, for two days, hopefuls will take to the mine’s grueling trails in hopes of qualifying for the big race, known as the Red Bull Hare Scramble, on Sunday. Only 500 are able to compete in that final race, taking on 35km or just over 21 miles of trails to win.

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Screenshot: Red Bull Signature Series, YouTube (Other)

That yellow ribbon-looking thing above is the track layout. Riders climb up the steep mountainous area, taking on several near-impossible looking trials, where sometimes there are even rules that allow a fellow racer to assist you in your climbs, and in some, you’re on your own and good luck. And sure, everything sounds overtly promising when a section of the track is literally called “The Green Hell.”


After watching the video I shared above, I now have another race I want to add to my race attendance bucket list. I want to experience the circus that is this Erzbergrodeo enduro race and take every ludicrous moment in, while cheering like hell for the brave and talented soul that somehow makes it across the finish line first.

Oh, and if you have some more time, I suggest you watch the video below as well. You know it’s good times when the first words heard on screen are, “A foreboding mountain… .”

You’re welcome.