6/30/2022 - Feds Propose Rules To Prevent Shady Car Sales

6/30/2022 - Every Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle For Sale In the U.S.

6/30/2022 - No One Bought Chevrolet's 2023 Corvette Z06 NFT

6/30/2022 - Toyota Recalls 46,176 Tundras For Loose Rear Axles

6/30/2022 - Ford Will No Longer Publish its Vehicle Brochures

6/30/2022 - The Best Corvette Generations, According to Bob

6/30/2022 - These Cars Come With the Best Seats you Could Hope To Sit In

6/30/2022 - Watch a Driver Smash a Utility Pole While Avoiding a T-Bone Crash

6/30/2022 - Apple CarPlay Will Let Drivers Pay for Gas From the Dashboard

6/30/2022 - The 2022 Yamaha XSR900 Proves Motorcycles Still Win on Smiles Per Dollar

6/30/2022 - Biden Warns Americans Gas Prices Will Remain High 'As Long as it Takes'

6/30/2022 - Hell Has Another Angel After Biker Gang's Most Notorious Member, Sonny Barger, Dies at 83

6/30/2022 - The First Electric Ferrari Is Coming Soon, But Maranello Would Prefer You Didn't Focus on That

6/30/2022 - German Court Rules SUV Owners Can Be Fined More for Breaking Traffic Laws

6/30/2022 - My Civic Was Crushed By a Falling Branch! What Car Should I Buy?

6/30/2022 - Bernie Ecclestone Said He Would ‘Take a Bullet’ for Putin and Formula 1 Distances Itself Further From Bernie Ecclestone

6/30/2022 - Tesla Buyers Keep Buying Teslas

6/30/2022 - Here's Your First Look at Canoo's Transporters for NASA's Next Mission to the Moon

6/30/2022 - What's Your Car's Most Frustrating Feature?

6/30/2022 - J.D. Power Says Initial Vehicle Quality Plummeted, But Buick Fared Best, Long Live Buick

6/30/2022 - Traffic Jams: Reflection Eternal - 'The Blast'

6/30/2022 - At $8,500, Is This 1993 Mazda Miata Off-Roader the Answer to Boredom?

6/29/2022 - The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb Is a Triumph of Enthusiasm Over Cash

6/29/2022 - Three-Time Motorcycle World Champion Wayne Rainey Rides Again

6/29/2022 - Nürburgring Regulars Made a Safety App Because the Track Lacks Basic Safety Measures

6/29/2022 - These Are the Races That Top Your Bucket List

6/29/2022 - Every 2022 Car Available With a Manual Transmission

6/29/2022 - Former Red Bull Junior Driver Juri Vips Keeps F2 Ride, Loses Sponsors

6/29/2022 - Dead, Reportedly: Nissan Titan

6/29/2022 - Car Sales to Go Down 17 Percent Despite Strong Demand: Report

6/29/2022 - How to Watch Formula 1, IndyCar, Formula E, and Everything Else in Racing This Weekend, July 1-3

6/29/2022 - Every Travel Issue to Watch Out For This July 4th

6/29/2022 - Norwegian Cruise Ship Hits Iceberg off U.S. Coast

6/29/2022 - Nissan Recalls Over 360,000 Pathfinders due to Faulty Hood Latches

6/29/2022 - What Car Should You Buy: Business Van Edition

6/29/2022 - What I Mean When I Say 'Ban Cars'

6/29/2022 - Tesla Lays Off Hundreds

6/29/2022 - What Car Comes With the Best Seats?

6/29/2022 - 2024 Hyundai Ioniq 6: This Is It

6/29/2022 - Traffic Jams: Soundgarden - 'Hands All Over'

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6/28/2022 - Forget Autonomy, Drivers Still Want Control

6/28/2022 - Every Aston Martin DB Car, Ranked

6/28/2022 - Trump Tried to Commandeer His Own Presidential Limo to Join January 6th Riot, Testimony Shows (Update)

6/28/2022 - Watch Drunk People Complain About Britain's 'Diabolical' New Breathalyzer Law in 1967

6/28/2022 - Jalopnik Is Live On Twitch At 4 p.m. ET To Talk Car Movies

6/28/2022 - This Startup's EV Balloon Loans Don't Sound Like The Best Idea

6/28/2022 - Top Gear America Is Finally Great

6/28/2022 - These Are Your Greatest Road Trip Memories

6/28/2022 - Patent Images Reveal What the Production Toyota GR GT3 Supercar Might Look Like

6/28/2022 - U-Haul's First Employee, Hap Carty, Dies at 95

6/28/2022 - Mercedes is Probably Killing its Last Affordable Models For Good

6/28/2022 - Sheetz Lowers Prices of Unleaded 88 and E-85 Gas for Independence Day Weekend

6/28/2022 - The Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX Traveled Almost 750 Miles on One Charge

6/28/2022 - Tesla Brings Back Enhanced Autopilot, Offering Some of FSD's Features for the Low, Low Price of $6K

6/28/2022 - The Ford F-150 Lightning Has Its First Recall

6/28/2022 - The Red Bull RB17 Is a 1,267 HP, $6 Million Supercar

6/28/2022 - F1 Condemns Racism After Nelson Piquet Used Slur Against Lewis Hamilton

6/28/2022 - At Least 50 Migrants Found Dead Inside Tractor-Trailer in San Antonio

6/28/2022 - The 2023 Cadillac Lyriq Shows What GM Can Do When it Really Tries

6/28/2022 - What Race Is At The Top Of Your Bucket List?

6/28/2022 - Traffic Jams: Sufjan Stevens - 'Life With Dignity, Helado Negro Remix'

6/28/2022 - At $4,500, Would You Go Topless in This Custom 2007 Chevy HHR?

6/27/2022 - Cadillac Allanté, The Ultimate Italian-American Car

6/27/2022 - A Mechanic Pleads Guilty to Selling Thousands of Devices to Bypass Vehicle Emission Controls

6/27/2022 - These Are the Worst Race Cars of All Time

6/27/2022 - Four Killed When Amtrak Train Hits Dump Truck and Derails in Missouri (Update)

6/27/2022 - Federal Trade Commission Wants to Ban the Shadiest Car Sales Tactics

6/27/2022 - Jeep Dealer Settles With Family of Mechanic Killed in Tragic Oil-Change Accident

6/27/2022 - Daniel Ricciardo Is Producing a Scripted Formula 1 TV Show With Hulu: Report

6/27/2022 - Rush Is the Reason I'm a Motorsport Writer

6/27/2022 - Buyers Are Confusing Jeep's Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer

6/27/2022 - The Polestar 5 Will Take On Porsche and Tesla With 884 Hp

6/27/2022 - Two-Tone Ford F-150s Will Mark 75 Years of Ford's F-Series

6/27/2022 - Ford Credit Won't Allow Lessees To Buy Out its EVs

6/27/2022 - You Don't Need to Score Any Pole Positions to Win a Formula 1 World Championship

6/27/2022 - The Average Cost of an Electric Car Is Now $54,000

6/27/2022 - Debit Card Companies Can Now Place Holds Up to $175 Every Time You Pay at the Pump

6/27/2022 - 2022 Kia EV6 Paint Colors, Ranked

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6/27/2022 - Volkswagen Introduces the ID.Aero, A Flagship Electric Sedan Concept

6/27/2022 - Chase Elliott Wins in Nashville After Lengthy Rain Delay

6/26/2022 - McMurtry Spéirling Smashes Goodwood Hillclimb Record

6/26/2022 - Crashed WRC Crew Left to Save Themselves During Safari Rally

6/26/2022 - The Championship Leaders Collide at MotoGP's Dutch TT

6/25/2022 - The Bidding War for Spirit Airlines Nears Conclusion

6/25/2022 - McLaren 600LT Split by Guardrail, Abandoned in Washington State

6/25/2022 - Paraplegic MotoGP Champion Wayne Rainey Rides Again at Goodwood

6/24/2022 - How to Watch NASCAR, IMSA, SRX and Everything Else in Racing This Weekend, June 24-26

6/24/2022 - Drivers Don't Want Full-On Autonomy Controlling Their Vehicles

6/24/2022 - Ford’s Next SuperVan is an Electric Supercar Minivan

6/24/2022 - These Expensive Cars Have the Worst Interiors

6/24/2022 - Cadillac Plans Jaw-Dropping $300,000 Ultra Luxury Price Tag on its Upcoming Celestiq EV: Report

6/24/2022 - Russia's Western Planes Might Become "Very Unsafe" Under International Sanctions

6/24/2022 - Bentley Is Building 12 Examples of its Two-Time Le Mans-Winning Speed Six

6/24/2022 - Porsche Penske Motorsport Reveals Track-Hungry 963 GTP Hypercar

6/24/2022 - Ford Vows to Clean Up Quality as Recalls Hit Hard

6/24/2022 - Polestar is Latest EV Startup to Go Public After SPAC Merger

6/24/2022 - Harley Davidson Now Won't Void Warranties Over Third-Party Parts or Repairs

6/24/2022 - The Automotive Absurdism of Pippa Garner

6/24/2022 - VinFast ‘Absolutely Could’ Build an Electric Pickup

6/24/2022 - Formula 1's Weirdest Record: How Hans Heyer Scored a DNQ, DNF, and DSQ in One Race

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6/23/2022 - Andy Loves The A380

6/23/2022 - GM Invests In A.I. To Potentially Speed Up Dealer Vehicle Inspections

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6/23/2022 - Tesla Ranks #1, #2 of Most American-Made Vehicles

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6/23/2022 - What Expensive Car Has the Worst Interior?

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6/22/2022 - It's the End for Hyundai's Veloster N

6/22/2022 - New York Crushes Illegal Dirt Bikes With Bulldozer in Satisfying but Pointless Photo-Op

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6/22/2022 - Extreme Heat Is Causing Roads to Buckle Across the U.S.

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6/22/2022 - Hong Kong's Jumbo Kingdom Floating Restaurant Sinks While Being Towed to Sea

6/22/2022 - Watch This Car-Hauler Smash a Van Directly Into a Freeway Overpass

6/22/2022 - South Dakota Attorney General Who Killed Man in Hit-and-Run Convicted in Impeachment Trial

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6/21/2022 - The Driver With the Longest Victory-less Formula 1 Career

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6/21/2022 - Trucking Companies Look to Retain Drivers Amid Shortage

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6/21/2022 - Red Bull Racing Junior Driver Juri Vips Suspended for Using Racial Slur

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6/21/2022 - Self-Driving Trucks Could Be On Texas Highways By 2023

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6/19/2022 - President Biden Takes Tumble After Bicycle Ride

6/19/2022 - MotoGP's German Grand Prix Has First New Winner in a Decade

6/18/2022 - UN Secretary-General Says Oil Companies “Have Humanity by The Throat”

6/18/2022 - Should Formula 1 Introduce a Driver Salary Cap?

6/17/2022 - Volkswagen Phaeton, Nissan Gloria, BMW 850i: The Dopest Cars I Found for Sale Online

6/17/2022 - Two Killed in "Horrific" 140-MPH Crash During Crown Rally

6/17/2022 - GMC Is About to Raise the Hummer EV Price by Over $6,000

6/17/2022 - Two Former Stellantis Salesmen Indicted On Wire Fraud Charges Over Employee Discounts

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6/17/2022 - $1 Million of Ford Raptors Were Stolen from One Ford Plant. One Week Later, 6 Mustangs Were Stolen at Another

6/17/2022 - McLaren Might Make an Electric SUV by 2030

6/17/2022 - Average Monthly Car Payment Hits Record High of $712

6/17/2022 - 2022 Kia Sorento PHEV: What Do You Want to Know?

6/17/2022 - SpaceX Fires Workers Who Criticized Elon Musk in Open Letter

6/17/2022 - Ferrari Says Never to Self-Driving

6/17/2022 - Former NASCAR Driver Clint Bowyer Struck and Killed a Pedestrian in a Traffic Accident

6/17/2022 - Formula 1 Will Try to Tackle the Porpoising Problem

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6/16/2022 - Man Found Dead After Running out of Gas in Death Valley

6/16/2022 - Tesla’s Cybertruck Is Late to the EV Party

6/16/2022 - Honda Civic Si Touring Car Is a Deal at $55,000

6/16/2022 - Ford Just Put Over 5,000 Historical Items From its Vault Online

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6/16/2022 - NASCAR 21 Dev Motorsport Games' Bad Year Is Getting Worse

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6/15/2022 - Tesla Autopilot Accounts For Nearly 70 Percent Of Semi-Autonomous Crashes

6/15/2022 - Joe Biden Sends Strongly-Worded Letter to Oil Companies

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6/15/2022 - Manager Who Accidentally Listed Gas For 69 Cents Fired After $16,000 Loss

6/15/2022 - Ford Recalls 2.9 Million Vehicles That Could Roll Away While Parked

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6/14/2022 - Germany's Travel Deal

6/14/2022 - Michigan Sheriff Won't Send Cops to "Non-Life-Threatening" Calls Due to Gas Prices

6/14/2022 - Traffic Safety Campaigns Are a Huge Waste of Money

6/14/2022 - Historic Flooding in Yellowstone National Park Washed Out Roads and Bridges

6/14/2022 - Conventional Wisdom Proven 100 Percent Wrong: Yellow Cars Depreciate the Least

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6/14/2022 - Ford Mustang Mach-E Recalled for Battery Circuit Issue

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6/13/2022 - BMW Reveals V8-Powered E46 M3 and Other Oddities in Secret CSL Projects Video

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6/13/2022 - Electric Last Mile, An EV Startup, Will Liquidate

6/13/2022 - Forza Motorsport Will Return in 2023 With Features Fans Have Been Begging For

6/13/2022 - A Disabled Woman Was Left On A Plane For Over An Hour And A Half

6/13/2022 - Driving Across America Was Still Cheaper Than Flying

6/13/2022 - Traffic Jams: Halsey - 'So Good'

6/13/2022 - At $13,750, Is This 1991 Jeep Grand Wagoneer An Even Grander Bargain?

6/12/2022 - Porsche's America Edition 911 is a Tribute 70 Years in the Making

6/12/2022 - Josef Newgarden Wins $1 Million in Thriller at Road America

6/12/2022 - California Gas Station Sold Fuel at $0.69 per Gallon by Mistake

6/12/2022 - Max Verstappen Wins F1's Race in Baku After Ferrari Double DNF

6/12/2022 - First Corner Crash Opens This Year's 24 Hours of Le Mans

6/11/2022 - Washington's State Patrol Want To Amend State Pursuit Law

6/11/2022 - Hyundai Adds Weekend Production Despite Truckers Strike in Korea

6/10/2022 - How to Watch Le Mans, NASCAR, IndyCar, and Everything Else in Racing This Weekend, June 10-12

6/10/2022 - Ford Skyliner, Harley-Davidson Sportster, Toyota HiAce: The Dopest Cars I Found For Sale Online

6/10/2022 - Negative COVID-19 Test Will No Longer Be Required For Air Travelers to Enter the U.S.

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6/10/2022 - WEC's GTE-Pro Class Will End With the 2022 Season

6/10/2022 - Michael Fassbender's Le Mans Debut Hasn't Had the Best Start

6/10/2022 - High Gas Prices in the U.S. Are Increasing Demand for Dirty Gasoline from Canada's Oil Sands

6/10/2022 - 32-Foot-Long International Bridge Connects Canadian House to U.S. Backyard

6/10/2022 - A Tunnel Project Has Revealed 3M's History of Dumping Toxic Chemicals in Antwerp

6/10/2022 - Wiesmann Wants To Make More Than Just Project Thunderball

6/10/2022 - The BMW 330e was Perfect for My First American Road Trip

6/10/2022 - Trump's Air Force One Paint Job Likely to Be Scraped For Making the Planes Too Hot [Update]

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6/9/2022 - Polestar 2s Will Soon Join Hertz's Rental Fleets, a Big Upgrade From Nondescript Midsize Sedan

6/9/2022 - Little Guy Gas Station Owner Quits Selling Fuel in Disgust Over Rising Prices

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