Ferrari To Unveil Purosangue in September and Launch First EV in 2025

The Italian supercar powerhouse will unveil a V12-powered SUV in September, the first of 15 new models due by the end of 2026.

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A very dark teaser image showing the high front end of the new Ferrari SUV.
The Ferrari Purosangue: Coming soon.
Photo: Ferrari

It’s all change at Ferrari. The race team is finally winning in F1 again, the firm has plans to come back to Le Mans in 2023 and it is continuing its experiment with electrification in the quite lovely 296 GTS. But now, that progress is set to ramp up a gear as the Prancing Horse has outlined plans to release 15 new models by the end of 2026, including its first SUV and a fully electric Ferrari.

According to Reuters, Ferrari chief executive Benedetto Vigna told investors that the long-awaited Ferrari-badged SUV would be unveiled in September while outlining the firm’s latest business plan.

Details of the car, dubbed the Purosangue, have been trickling out for the past few years, including teaser shots of its surprisingly sporty front end. But, after confirming that the car would be powered by a V12 engine last month, the Italian firm has now announced when we can expect to see it in the flesh.


Extra information about the SUV, including price and when it might actually be available to buy, remain under wraps. But during the conference earlier today, Vigna did have some other exciting nuggets about the future of the Italian company to share.

A photo of Ferrari Chief Executive Benedetto Vigna on a red stage with a prancing horse logo in the background.
Ferrari chief executive, Benedetto Vigna.
Photo: Ferrari

Firstly, the SUV launch later in the year will be the first of 15 new model rollouts for the brand between now and the end of 2026. This impending herd of releases will also include Ferrari’s first all-electric supercar, which is coming in 2025, according to the brand.

According to the Reuters report, company chairman John Elkann said: “Everything we do will always focus on being distinctively Ferrari.


“The opportunity set of electrification and electronics will allow us to make even more unique cars.”

And what a “more unique” Ferrari entails, we’ll have to wait and see. But it’s clear from the outset that the firm has high hopes for its upcoming battery-powered releases. As per The Wall Street Journal:

“Last year, 80% of Ferraris sold had an internal combustion engine, with the rest hybrids, according to the company. By 2026, the company expects 40% will be traditional engines, 55% hybrids and 5% electric. By 2030, 40% are forecast to be fully electric.”

A photo of a bright red LaFerrari hypercar on a stand at a motorshow.
The LaFerrari was the brand’s first hybrid-powered car.
Photo: Pierre Andrieu/AFP (Getty Images)

There is no word on what the other 13 models due for release in the next four years could be. But judging by this swing away from ICE-powered supercars in favor of hybrid and electric models, it’s safe to bet that the majority of these new cars will come with some form of electrical assistance.


This will follow in the footsteps of Ferrari’s previous forays into the hybrid space, which have included the 296, the SF90, and the LaFerrari.