The BMW M3 Estate Is Almost Upon Us

The first-ever M3 Wagon is set to debut soon. No, the U.S. isn't getting it.

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BMW is gearing up to introduce the first-ever M3 Estate at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed. It’s the first time the brand has made an M3 wagon.

Now some of you might be experiencing the Mandela Effect, thinking that you could’ve sworn BMW once made an M3 wagon. And you should have your head examined because that has never been the case. In the 36 years that BMW has been making an M3, there has never been an M3 Wagon. Maybe one exists as a skunkworks project by some BMW engineers somewhere (There’s one in New Jersey that a local BMW shop made themselves.). There was briefly an M5 Touring. Of course, that wasn’t for us either, and that’s an entirely different beast. But that’s going to change.

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Image: BMW

BMW has been teasing that an M3 Estate was coming since early 2020. Back then we were teased with a rear view of the wagon. As time went on, BMW showed a full-on prototype.

I don’t get all the secrecy, though. We know what it’s going to look like: big ass kidney grilles up front and a hatch out back. But BMW is positioning this M3 Estate as a “distillation of the technological prowess and know-how from the BMW M3 and M4 family, combined with the practicality of a five-door touring model.” So maybe we’ll see something slightly different?

We just had to find out whether or not the M3 Estate was coming here. Audi caved and gave us the RS6 Avant, so why can’t BMW do something similar, right? So with fingers, eyes, and toes crossed, we reached out to BWM to see if anything was on the table as far as the M3 Estate coming to the U.S. We got a resounding nope from the BMW representative saying “Afraid there’s no chance of the M3 Touring coming to the US.” Damn

And I hope you all know why that is. We love crossovers in this country. And BMW gives us a form of an M3 Estate in the X3 M. Blasphemous I know but I’m sure that’s their thinking. Expect more details on the first-ever M3 Estate the closer we get to its June 23rd unveiling at the Goodwood Festival of Speed