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Mini Reveals Some Of Its All-Electric Future

A new all-electric Mini crossover will debut alongside an updated three-door car and refreshed Countryman.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
A digital render of the front quarter of a new Mini crossover concept.
A glimpse of the future?
Photo: BMW

The Mini has been getting bigger and bigger with each new generation. So much so that the top-tier Mini Countryman is now 49-inches longer than the classic Mini of the 1960s. And now, Mini might be setting its sights on something even bulkier as it just teased a new crossover concept.

This morning, Mini outlined a raft of impending changes that will soon come to its lineup. Through its updated design language, the firm claimed that all its new cars will run on electric power and ooze “Charismatic simplicity.” As well as this, Mini also alluded to a new crossover concept, which could soon join its ranks.


In a release, the firm said its new design will roll out across the Mini three-door, which will become a purely electric model, and the successor to the current Mini Countryman, which will also be powered by batteries and nothing else.

But, as well as updates to these two models, the firm said it would “also be presenting the concept study of a – fully electrically powered – crossover model for the premium small-car segment.” Great, an all-new Mini!


The design for the new crossover is expected to be revealed in July 2022 and will “provide the first full preview of the new design language” for Mini’s next-generation, all-electric lineup.

A photo of Mini head of design Oliver Heilmer patting the front of a camouflage test car.
Good Mini.
Photo: BMW

Oliver Heilmer (pictured above), head of Mini design, said: “The Mini Design DNA will clearly come through in every model of this new generation, leaving its brand affiliation in no doubt whatsoever.

“This means that every new Mini remains a genuine and at the same time future-proof original.”


But what will all this new styling look like on the new cars?

Well, first up, it will see the brand turn to more sustainable materials in its construction. This means no more leather and “almost zero” chrome on its next-gen models. Instead, the firm will strive to use natural and recycled materials in the construction of the new models.


The firm isn’t sharing any details of the exterior styling, save for the teaser image you see at the top of the page. But that does offer a glimpse of those familiar, friendly, soft Mini curves, with a few added angles to show that it’s a serious modern EV concept.

Inside, however, the firm has said it will retain its “archetypal” circular instrument panel. In the new models, this will comprise a circular OLED touch display – a first for the car industry.


Beneath this, the new cars will retain physical function controls and toggle switches, so not everything will be handled by this new display panel.

But other than that, we don’t have much more to go on when it comes to the looks of these three new Minis. We’ll all just have to wait until July 22nd to see what the future holds for this historic brand.