Traffic Jams: Wet Leg - 'Chaise Longue'

Traffic sucks, so why not start your morning off with some music? You provide the toast and we'll provide the jams.

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A friend asked me if I’d ever heard of Wet Leg, and I had to admit that no, I had not heard of Wet Leg. I have since spent my week changing that. And I have since decided to refer to my degrees as “the big D.”

Wet Leg has a sound that feels familiar and also new at the same time, which is genuinely impressive. They give off similar vibes to Courtney Barnett, Chastity Belt, Deap Vally, Mannequin Pussy, and Skating Polly in the sense that they’re a perfect fit on my “I could destroy a man to this” playlist. They also feel like the next logical step from bands like Veruca Salt or Hole, the not-riot-grrrl-but-still-kinda-subversive genre of the next generation. If Wet Leg had been A Thing while I was in undergrad, I would have simped over them so hard and probably cried real tears at their inevitable SXSW set. Now I’m just a grown adult talking about cool women at my job.


All that being said, this band is easily going to end up on my “most listened” Spotify roundup at the end of the year. Their whole self-titled is worth giving a listen on your morning commute — there’s not a single bad song in the bunch.