2023 Toyota Sequoia Starts at $58,300

That's $8,000 more than the old Sequoia, but the new generation brings huge updates — and hopefully much better MPG.

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a 2023 Toyota Sequoia

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If you’re in the market for a whole half-acre of SUV and want Toyota’s legendary reliability then you just have to wait until the end of the summer to lock down a 2023 Toyota Sequoia. The next generation of Toyota’s long-running Tundra-based SUV will start at $58,300. Yes, that’s about $8,000 more than the previous Sequoia, but the all-new model brings a ton of updates.

Cause let’s face it, the outgoing Sequoia is so, so old. A few mild facelifts can’t disguise the fact that this was, essentially, an early-2000s behemoth. The new Sequoia’s pricing slots the SUV at the higher end of the full-size segment, dominated by vehicles like the $54,595 Chevy Suburban the $56,700 GMC Yukon XL. Of course, in our current climate, MSRP is a laughable suggestion left in the dust by most dealerships. That price is also a bit of a bump from the current generation 2022 Sequoia, which starts at $50,500 for the base level SR5.


You may be thinking: full-sized SUV? In this economy? Toyota last revamped the Sequoia just in time for the 2008 fuel crisis, so at least the brand is consistent with its timing. This third-generation Sequoia comes with the 437-horsepower, 583 lb-ft twin-turbo V6 mild-hybrid drivetrain first unveiled in the new Tundra. Fuel economy has yet to be announced, but Toyota assures us in a press release that, MPG-wise, the new Sequoia is expected to be extremely competitive at the top of the segment – and a huge improvement over the previous generation.” 

Let’s hope so, considering the current generation gets a measly 13 mpg city, 17 mpg highway and 15 mpg overall, per the EPA. The new engine certainly worked on the Tundra: The new hybrid V6 beat the old V8 by 7 mpg, according to Car and Driver.

Towing has also been improved, with the new model gaining 26 percent more pull over the outgoing vehicle, the automaker says. It also comes with all the latest cameras, safety sensors, bells and whistles customers expect from Toyota’s flagship SUV. The new Sequoia will come in five grades with a new top grade, the Capstone, topping the lineup at $78,300. Of course, there are tons of packages and options for owners to tack on, should you want to pay even more for yours.