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The Rad Report Is at it Again With This JDM Dream Machine

You can call it a Space Cruiser, a Master Ace or a Wonder Wagon — for $15,000, you can call this one yours.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Image: @radreport/Craigslist

Take a moment to really submerge yourself in the epic radness that is this Toyota Space Cruiser van for sale on the San Francisco-area Craigslist. Soak in the gorgeous tan almost rose gold paint job. Get your fingertips pruny in the clean lines of those vinyl graphics and those powder-coated wheels.

There are over 200 high-res images to scroll through, so take your time. One of our favorite Instagram accounts, @radreport, is selling this vision of JDM van life for $15,000, and the listing is as informative and insightful as the 1990 Honda CRX Si or the ultra-clean Subaru Legacy Wagon that Rad Report had listed last year. You’re treated to a little bit of history before you get to the nuts and bolts of the vehicle:

The Vanagon and Eurovan have become cult objects, inflated beyond measure, obsessed and overbid by a class of people who spend more time imagining “van life” than living it. It’s weird to see a vehicle become an accessory—the world’s least reliable handbag. But, of course, mostly what you do is grouse with other owners and get into extended negotiations with some guy named Hans or Fritz that would rather be working on an air-cooled 911.

Maybe if Toyota had figured out how to release the Van under an alternative moniker, this isn’t the situation we’d currently be in. In England, it was called the “Space Cruiser,” an undeniably rad name that does justice to the general lunar transportation vibe it resonates. In Japan, it was called the “Master Ace,” which is cool as hell until you accidentally put the two words together... Anyway, it was initially marketed under ‘Wonderwagon, a perfect model name for a vehicle with an uncanny amount of interior space vs. exterior footprint. Why they gave it the repo man treatment, we’ll never know.

My goal with this thing has been to honor its wonder. Bringing it out of the realm of quirky-old-thing, in many shades of tan, and into the realm of exceptional one-of-a-kind automotive experience.


Master Ace is quite the unfortunate name! Good thing Space Cruiser is in the mix and a fittingly cool name for a cool car. This Space Cruiser has working AC and brand-new brakes, and all the plastics have been cleaned and conditioned. You also get a full set of new shocks, which the seller bought just in case the factory stopped making them. There is an engine light on, but everything about the car is in perfect working order. The interior is just as tan and just as sparking as the exterior.

This is a van that has been loved, and deserves another strong heart to look after it. As the listing notes, this thing “...gets more thumbs up than any other car you will ever find yourself in.” It’s a mitzvah to make the world better by adding this vehicle to the commutes of mortals in Kias and Nissans.