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Possibly the Nicest Subaru Baja on Earth Is for Sale for Nearly $60,000

It's got 8,200 miles on the odometer and a manual transmission, but still, this seems like an outrageous price.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Subaru Baja is unique. A late-model ute from a Japanese automaker sold new in the United States, with all-wheel-drive, an available stick shift, and a boxer engine. There’s nothing else like it, and there likely never will be again. But all the uniqueness in the world cannot make this particular Baja worth its $59,800 asking price.

This 2006 Baja, sitting on a dealer floor in Cape Cod with a mere 8,254 miles, is an absolute time capsule. Most of these cars were used, abused, and let go, with years of rust in the quarter panels and hundreds of thousands of miles of wear on their boxer engines. This car stands apart — it’s absolutely mint, likely one of the most pristine Bajas left on the planet. Yet, I will remind you: Fifty nine thousand, eight hundred United States dollars.


For that money, you don’t even get the top-spec Turbo trim. In fact, you don’t get a turbo at all. You’re stuck with the 165-horsepower naturally-aspirated EJ25 of the base Sport model, and the most mid-aughts shade of Subaru blue imaginable. It’s period correct, at least, but is anyone that nostalgic for 2006? Nostalgic enough to spend five ten-thousands, nine thousands, eight hundreds, no tens, and no ones dollars? On a Baja?


For that amount, you could easily buy this 2005 Baja Turbo and then fill the bed with 2,291 IKEA BLÅHAJ stuffed sharks, making a Subaru BLÅHAJA for the record books — provided you could get them all to fit in the bed. You’d even have $3.91 left over for gas, though that probably won’t get you very far.

The Subaru Baja is a very cool car, and one of the more interesting vehicles ever to sit on an American showroom floor. This particular Baja, with its mint condition and four-digit mileage, is as perfect an example as you’re likely to ever see. Please, do not spent $59,800 on it.