Everything Formula E Teams Have Learned About the Series is ‘Going to Waste’ Ahead of Gen 3

The incoming Formula E Gen 3 cars promise more performance, ensuring better racing. But teams’ understanding of the sport will go back to square one.

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A photo of the front of the Gen 3 Formula E car in a Jaguar camouflage wrap.
Jaguar tested a development Gen 3 car earlier this week.
Photo: Jaguar

Next year, Formula E will debut its new Gen 3 cars, which promise more performance and better racing. But, the cars follow wildly different principals to the current crop of racers, and Jaguar driver Mitch Evans has warned that this could see everything the teams have learned over the past four years “almost go to waste.”

The Gen 3 car was first unveiled at the Monaco E Prix earlier this year. When it hits the track for the 2022/23 Formula E season it is promising to bring an open-wheel design, more power and a top speed of up to 200 mph.

The new cars are also smaller and lighter than the outgoing Gen 2 model, to try and bring about better racing on the twisty-turny streets that Formula E calls home.


On top of all this, the sport is also changing tire suppliers for the first time in its history. From season nine, Formula E will part ways with Michelin and will instead turn to Hankook for its rubber. The new Hankooks will be built from at least 25 percent natural rubber and recycled fibers to reduce the environmental impact of their construction.

A photo of the rear of the Gen 3 Formula E car in a Jaguar camouflage wrap.
I like the pointy cars.
Photo: Jaguar

So, teams have their work cut out if they want to get on top of the new cars ahead of the first race in Saudi Arabia.

Mitch Evans, Jaguar TCS Racing driver commented on the new car saying, “Obviously the performance upgrade is quite big and there are a lot of new things to consider, new variables and new things to learn. The car is narrower, it’s lighter, there is a whole different tire and a new tire manufacturer.


“So, what we’ve learned over the last few seasons is almost going to go to waste.”

It just goes to show new regulations really are the great equalizer in the world of motorsport. While the teams build up their knowledge of the new cars, drivers up and down the grid are starting to get their hands on next year’s machinery.


Evans’ Jaguar team had a rollout of a development car last week, and has further trial runs planned for the coming months. Then, he is hoping to get his first taste of the new era of Formula E.

A photo of Mitch Evans on the podium in Jakarta with a New Zealand flag draped over his shoulders.
Mitch Evans sits fourth in the standings after winning in Jakarta.
Photo: Jaguar

Evans added: “We had a rollout last week, but just a low power run. I believe there are some rollouts this week as well. I’ll probably be in the car in the next few weeks, but it’s not been decided yet.

But ahead of all this change in season nine, Evans still has the current crop of races to finish off. After winning the inaugural Jakarta E Prix earlier this month, he now sits fourth in the championship, just 12 points behind current leader, Mercedes’ Stoffel Vandoorne.


With seven races left on the calendar, including a return to the U.S. for the New York E Prix, it’s all to play for at the top of the all-electric standings.