What EV Do You Actually Want to Own?

There are some cool electric cars out there, but are any nice enough for you to stop your gas-guzzling ways?

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A photo of a golden Polestar 2 electric sedan parked in a garage.
Is there an electric car on sale today that you might buy?
Photo: Polestar

There’s no denying that the days of driving a gas-powered car are numbered, and soon we’ll all have to switch to something that runs a little cleaner. But, of the current crop of electric vehicles on sale today, are there any that you actually want to own?

Thankfully, EV development has come on leaps and bounds in recent years. And that now means you can get some pretty neat-looking electric cars with a good amount of range. On top of that, many of them are used by brands to showcase some of their latest driving technologies —think screens everywhere, advanced driver assists and even some on-board games.

So, despite the high price, in some cases you do get a lot of bang for your buck.


But if you were in the market for an EV, which one would you choose to take home and live with? Maybe something big, boxy and go-anywhere like the Ford F-150 Lightning would suit you down to a T.

Or, you might want something at the other end of the sizing scale and prefer one of Honda’s cutesy e electric cars. Damn, if only that was sold over here, right! Really, there are vehicles in almost any segment for you to choose from.


And, if you want something with a bit more individuality, why not look to one of the many firms that has sprung up to offer restomod EVs? Who wouldn’t want to cruise around town in a battery-powered vintage Porsche 911? And what about heading out of the city in your quiet-as-as-mouse electric Ford Mustang?

Whatever your reasoning behind the pick, we want to hear all about it. Head to the comments section below and let us know which electric vehicle you might actually consider buying. We’ll round up some of the best responses in a slideshow tomorrow.