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Latest Tesla Cybertruck Prototype Has One Minuscule Windshield Wiper

Comically oversized wipers are out, comically undersized wipers are in.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Last time we saw the Tesla Cybertruck prototype, it was looking rough and dirty at the company’s Cyber Rodeo event in Texas. Back then, it sported a single wiper that reached nearly to the apex of its triangular roof, which was so soundly mocked that Elon Musk himself came out on Twitter to reassure fans that it would never see production.

Now, a revised Cybertruck prototype is making the rounds on social media. This time, rather than a single enormous wiper, it bears a single miniscule one. Maybe on the next try, Tesla will find that goldilocks size.


The Cybertruck was out in the wild for an appearance with Pacific Gas and Electric, celebrating the opening of a new energy storage facility for which Tesla had supplied batteries. Despite its sharp angles, PG&E didn’t use the Cybertruck to cut the opening ribbon.


While the Cybertruck prototype’s original wiper stretched nearly to the top of the truck, this new one seems to only reach about halfway up the windshield. Interestingly, while the Big Wiper did have a severe step-down in size at approximately the height of the Little Wiper, this new one doesn’t appear to simply be a modification of the larger arm — the base, where the windshield wiper actually mounts to the car, is an entirely different shape.

The new wiper, with its shorter reach, doesn’t appear to even extend to the top of the driver’s head in the footage shared to Instagram. We’ve talked before about the difficulties Tesla faces in translating the Cybertruck’s design into a DOT-approved package, complete with reflectors and mirrors and wipers, but the new Little Wiper stands as another good example of the problem. The Cybertruck aesthetic calls for a lot of glass, and it seems Tesla still hasn’t quite figured out how to clear it.