Traffic Jams: Foals - ‘Crest of the Wave’

Traffic sucks, so why not start your morning off with some music? You provide the toast and we’ll provide the jams.

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Foals are back, baby! The Oxford-based three-piece is bringing its killer riffs, excellent lyrics and summer vibes back into our lives at the perfect time. And now, the band has dropped its 33rd single just a day before the release of sixth studio album, Life is Yours.

The new track, called Crest of the Wave, first aired on Tuesday with all its thumping bass, echoing guitars and etherial synth lines. On top of that, there are those signature luscious tones of singer Yannis Philippakis – one of the few people I am hair envious of.

Really, it’s a catchy little tune that beckons in the start of the summer season and the good times that should follow.


It’s another great intro into a new Foals album, following in the footsteps of opening singles like Inhaler, Mountain at my Gates and Exits. All great songs to soundtrack your commute, by the way.

And while it sounds great now, I’ve got no doubt that this song will come into its own at festival shows and at summer BBQs. There, its fictitious setting on the island of Corsica in the Mediterranean sea, can shine through.


It’s three minutes and 45 seconds of positive escapism that brings enough summer vibes to convince you that everything is fine in the world. Well, you can imagine it’s like that until the ending, when the fading music brings you starkly back to reality.

If, after enjoying this new song, you want some more Foals with which to mask the world around you then they’ve got some great tracks to chose from. Start with The Runner from the band’s last album and work your way back to Olympic Airways from the band’s debut. Obviously, with a little pit stop at Spanish Sahara. You’ll have yourself a great drive into work.


Anyway, happy Thursday morning.