Jalopnik Is Live On Twitch At 4 p.m. ET To Talk Car Movies

Do you have thoughts about Speed Racer (2008)? Because we have thoughts about Speed Racer (2008).

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Gif: Steve DaSilva

Over the past few months, we’ve built up our Twitch channel with everything from modern gaming streams to retro gaming streams, but we always envisioned the channel as a platform for more. We’ve brought you the GR Corolla launch and an Indy 500 preview, but now it’s time for the content you’ve truly wanted: Jalopnik writers and editors yelling at each other about car movies.

Adam Ismail, regular member of the Twitchlopnik crew, has left the building for the day. In his absence, and lacking his incredibly in-depth knowledge of automotive retro gaming, it will be up to Andy Kalmowitz, Lalita Chemello, and myself to entertain you all with our detailed discussions (arguing) and insightful remarks (bad puns).


At the top of our list to discuss is Speed Racer (2008), an unrivaled masterpiece hated only by philistines and cretins. You’ll get to hear Andy’s pitiful attempts to justify his animus towards the Wachowskis’ masterpiece, as well as my informed, erudite take on the movie (it rules). We’ll also talk Drive (2011), Ford v. Ferrari (2019), and Top Gun (both of them). Any and all car movies are on the table, all you have to do is ask.

The key for you, however, is how you ask. Hop into our Twitch chat at 4 p.m. ET today, and hang out with us live as we dissect and analyze the best and worst of automotive media. We’ll listen to your comments, answer your questions, and subject you all to the beautiful, cacophonous sound of multiple Jalopnik writers all yelling at the same time. We’ve been sorted into individual, private rooms for our own safety (and each other’s) so no holds will be barred and no punches will be pulled. Grab your popcorn.