Tune In Today For A Double Dose Of Jalopnik On Twitch

Enjoy Forza Horizon 5 and Toyota's GR Corolla reveal with your favorite auto writers

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Gif: Steve DaSilva

By now, you may be used to our weekly live shenanigans on Twitch. If not, you’re missing out — every Thursday, some of the best and brightest minds in the automotive world come together to dunk on poor Jalopnik writers in our Twitch chat for being bad at Gran Turismo. But this week, we’re giving you all a treat: Not one, but two chances to hang out with us live.

This afternoon, at 4 PM Eastern time, Adam Ismail and I will take to Twitch for our usual bout of games, cars, and arguments over what constitutes a generation of Dodge Viper. Rather than Gran Turismo 7, we’ll be giving Forza Horizon 5 a shot this week. They say variety is the spice of life, so we’re adding a sprinkle of “hitting one thousand cacti with a Supra” to the paella of Jalopnik video content. I’m told it tastes like paprika.


Tonight, however, there’s another dose of Jalopnik Live for you to enjoy. At 9 PM Eastern, we’ll be going live with an expanded Jalop crew to talk about the leaked specs for the Toyota GR Corolla. Then, we’ll be tuning in to the official Corolla debut to commentate, discuss, and generally gawk at the new car as it’s officially unveiled to the world. Think of it like when your favorite legal podcast does an emergency episode about a new development from the Supreme Court, only without all the horrifying ramifications for bodily autonomy.

If you’ve ever wanted a peek into the unhinged realities of the Jalopnik Slack, this is your best shot. Two streams, two groups of writers from your favorite auto site, one day of hanging out and discussing cars with all of you on Twitch. Bring your hottest takes and your chillest vibes, and we’ll all do the same.