GMC Is About to Raise the Hummer EV Price by Over $6,000

Prices are increasing across the board for all Hummer EV models. Blame rising costs.

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2024 GMC Hummer EV
2024 GMC Hummer EV
Image: GMC

Friday, June 17th is a big deadline if you’re interested in reserving a GMC Hummer EV. It’s being reported that any reservations for the Hummer EV placed after June 17th, 2022 will see a price increase of over $6,000 on all versions of the massive car.

GMC seemed to try to soften the blow by announcing the price increase the same day it announced new custom ordering options. Luckily the price increases won’t impact buyers who are already holding reservations. Price increases will affect both the pickup and SUV versions of the Hummer EV; even versions that are still over two years out will see a price increase.

The base Hummer EV2, the least powerful (with 625 horsepower) and the last version to arrive (spring 2024) now starts at $86,245, up from its $79,995 base price. The Hummer EV2x now starts at $96,245, up from $89,995. The Hummer EV3x, which is coming this fall with 830 horsepower, now starts at $106,245, up from its previous $99.995 base price.


Of course, these increases won’t affect the First Edition, which sold out within minutes of the initial reservations going live.

The reasons for the increases shouldn’t be at all surprising. Like many other automakers, GM isn’t immune from the troubles plaguing the industry. Rising materials costs, manufacturing costs, along with supply and production issues are the reasons for the increases GMC says.


Luckily, though, none of these increases and issues have affected production timelines. Hummer EV3x is still expected this fall followed by the EV2x in Spring 2023 and the base Hummer EV2 in Spring 2024. But remember, if you have pockets deep enough to afford this thing, today is the deadline to reserve to avoid the price increase. Orders placed after June 18th will have the new increased price.