5/31/2017 - Everybody Do It; Do The Stance Dance

5/31/2017 - Here's What Tiger Woods Did To His $200,000 Mercedes

5/31/2017 - Watch This Giant Dump Truck Fart Out An Actual Fireball

5/31/2017 - Guy Calling Chevy Equinox A 'Bad Mamma Jamma' In That 'Real People' Ad Is Everything Wrong With Everything

5/31/2017 - Watch This 'Old Toyota Truck' Catch A Ferrari 458

5/31/2017 - I Can Pinpoint The Moment I Fell In Love With The Mazda RX-7

5/31/2017 - Now Is Your Chance To Buy The Final And Best Ford Focus RS

5/31/2017 - Indy 500 Winner Takuma Sato’s Team Had To Stand Up Against Derogatory Comments

5/31/2017 - The 2017 Honda Rebel May Be The Coolest Beginner Bike

5/31/2017 - Truck Hits 500,000 Miles And Owner Celebrates Harder Than Any Birthday Party You Ever Had

5/31/2017 - 'Hooligans' Motorcycle Gang Had Insanely High-Tech Method Of Stealing Jeeps: Feds

5/31/2017 - Watch An Interceptor Take Out An ICBM Target For The Very First Time [UPDATE]

5/31/2017 - #Carfeve? More Like Car Fever

5/31/2017 - The Honda Civic Type R Could Cost $33,900 In The U.S.

5/31/2017 - Uber Once Called UberPool Riders 'Masters' and 'Minions'

5/31/2017 - The Subaru BRZ STI Probably Won't Be The Turbo Monster You're Dreaming Of

5/31/2017 - Japan's Drift Taxi Will Gladly Take You To Sideways Land

5/31/2017 - What A 21st Century Battleship Could Look Like

5/31/2017 - Jalopnik Is Taking On Honda And Toyota At One Of The World's Fiercest Off-Road Races

5/31/2017 - NASCAR Will Probably Change Its Rules Again Next Year

5/31/2017 - Here's The Deal With Nitrogen-Filled Tires

5/31/2017 - What Car Did You Not Expect To End Up Owning?

5/31/2017 - Driving Into Wet Concrete Is A Ridiculously Costly Error

5/31/2017 - Trump Reportedly Dumps Paris Climate Accord And Here's What That Means For Cars

5/31/2017 - Corvette Z06 Featured On Popular YouTube Channel Vehicle Virgins Wrecked 

5/31/2017 - Guess Which Popular Dog Toy Is Based On A Volkswagen Suspension Part

5/31/2017 - Yeasayer -- 'Rome'

5/31/2017 - For $2,500, Could This 1964 Chevy Corvair Monza Spyder Lure You Into Its Web?

5/30/2017 - Slumbering NASCAR Fan Left Behind After Race By Just About Everybody

5/30/2017 - Why This Year's Baja 500 Is Going To Kick More Asses Than Ever

5/30/2017 - Spain’s Indy 500 TV Audience Was Double That Of The Monaco Grand Prix With Fernando Alonso

5/30/2017 - Comment Of The Day: That BMW Is Drunk Edition

5/30/2017 - Uber's Self-Driving Truck Unit Is Being Investigated By The California DMV For Its Road Tests 

5/30/2017 - Holy Shit A Subaru BRZ STI Might Really Be Happening This Time

5/30/2017 - The U.S. Military Says It Successfully Shot Down An ICBM For The Very First Time

5/30/2017 - Mazda's Cosmo Turns 50 Today So Let's All Celebrate Wacky Rotary Sports Cars

5/30/2017 - Drunk Indianapolis 500 Fans Are The Gift That Keeps On Giving

5/30/2017 - The 2017 Honda Civic Si Is The Kind Of Fun That Won’t Ruin Your Life

5/30/2017 - America Just Flew A Pair Of B-1B Bombers Over The Korean Peninsula 

5/30/2017 - Engineers Are Not Mechanics

5/30/2017 - Here Is Everything We Know So Far About Mercedes’ 1000 HP Hypercar

5/30/2017 - Uber Fires Engineer At The Center Of Self-Driving Tech Theft Lawsuit With Google (Updated)

5/30/2017 - These HD Videos Of Cold War Atomic Bomb Explosions Are Insane

5/30/2017 - The Indianapolis 500 Winner Got $2.5 Million

5/30/2017 - Three-Block-Long Skyline Burnout Ends With $1,000 Ticket On Facebook Live

5/30/2017 - Driver Ticketed For Going 88 MPH In His DeLorean

5/30/2017 - The $144,000 Callaway AeroWagen Is Way More Than Just A Corvette With A Weird Roof

5/30/2017 - Bernie Ecclestone Hates These Damn Kids And Their Social Media

5/30/2017 - Here Are The Awful Experiences That Ruined Cars For You

5/30/2017 - This Is What The 2018 BMW M8 Sounds Like 

5/30/2017 - Watch The Fastest Rear-Wheel Drive Run Of America's Best Rally Stage 

5/30/2017 - Ford's Fired CEO Got Burnt When The Google Deal Collapsed

5/30/2017 - What Is The Most Insane Looking Modern Race Car?

5/30/2017 - U.S. Marines Went To Syria And Lobbed Over 4,500 Shells At ISIS When You Weren't Looking

5/30/2017 -  

5/30/2017 - NASCAR's Kyle Busch Needs A Juice Box And A Nap

5/30/2017 - Shaquille O'Neal -- 'It Was All A Dream'

5/30/2017 - Listen To Japanese Commentators Go Nuts At Takuma Sato's Indianapolis 500 Win

5/30/2017 - For $4,800, Could This 1990 VW Fox Shooting Brake Have You Breaking Out Your Wallet?

5/29/2017 - Here Are Your Top Six Summer Driving Tips

5/29/2017 - Uber And Faraday Future Should Work On Autonomous Vehicles Together

5/29/2017 - Did A Garage Make Or Break Your Home Search?

5/29/2017 - What Car Had The Potential To Be So Much Better?

5/29/2017 - The BMW 740i Is The Classiest Donut Machine

5/29/2017 - What Do You Want To Know About The 2017 Honda Civic Si?

5/29/2017 - The U.S Will Attempt To Intercept An ICBM For The First Time Ever

5/29/2017 - The Horrible Shame Of Putting Your Convertible Top Up Or Down In Public

5/29/2017 - Watch This 2006 NASCAR Dodge Scream Down A Public Highway At 243 MPH

5/29/2017 - Porsche To Crack Down On People Who Flip Their Cars For Profit

5/29/2017 - The Morning Shift: Memorial Day Summer Bash Edition

5/29/2017 - The Allman Brothers Band -- 'Jessica'

5/29/2017 - For $9,500, Could This 1975 Toyota Celica Be A Car Worth Remembering?

5/29/2017 - This Is The Happiest Driver Doing The Saddest Burnout

5/28/2017 - Watch Keselowski's Car Go Under Elliott's Car Like A NASCAR Spatula In Fiery Crash

5/28/2017 - Navy SEAL Dies After Parachute Fails To Open During Fleet Week Demonstration

5/28/2017 - Alonso Says He 'Didn't Miss Monaco,' Enjoys Some Post-Indy 500 Milk Anyway

5/28/2017 - Porsche-chu 911, I Choose You!

5/28/2017 - Takuma Sato's Honda Engine Survives All 200 Laps To Win The 2017 Indianapolis 500

5/28/2017 - Huge Indy 500 Wreck Somehow Only Eats Five Cars 

5/28/2017 - Fernando Alonso Out Of Indy 500 After Honda Engine Fails

5/28/2017 - Honda’s Reliability Problems Just Took Out One Of The Indy 500 Leaders [Update: And Another]

5/28/2017 - I Just Saw Fernando Alonso And He Is As Dreamy As You’d Think

5/28/2017 - 49-Year-Old Man Spins Out And Crashes In The Middle Of The Indianapolis 500 [Updated]

5/28/2017 - Funny What Fernando Alonso Can Do In A Working Race Car 

5/28/2017 - Rubbin's Not Racin' In The Indianapolis 500 When It Sends A Car Into The Wall

5/28/2017 - Indianapolis 500 Pole Sitter Taken Out Early In Big Airborne Crash

5/28/2017 - Why Can't I Make My Own Engine?

5/28/2017 - The Total Idiot's Guide To The 101st Indianapolis 500

5/28/2017 - Here's Why You Need To Buy A Cheap Lamborghini Murcielago Right Now

5/28/2017 - Lewis Hamilton Doesn't Think IndyCar's Drivers Are Very Good

5/28/2017 - Sebastian Vettel Gets First Ferrari Win In The Monaco Grand Prix Since 2001

5/28/2017 - Formula One Driver Pascal Wehrlein Flipped Into And Trapped By Monaco Wall

5/28/2017 - 'I'm Going To Pee In Your Seat' Is Not What Alonso Wants To Hear About His F1 Car

5/27/2017 - Kimi Räikkönen's Ludicrously Fast Pole-Winning Lap Of Monaco Is Surreal

5/27/2017 - BMW Is Already Developing An M8 And They're Going To Race It At Le Mans

5/27/2017 - The TSA Will Soon Make You Unpack Even More Of Your Carry-On Bags

5/27/2017 - One Of The Essential Components Of Honda's F1 Engine Can Only Last Two Races

5/27/2017 - How To Celebrate Victory And Kill Tires Like A Boss

5/27/2017 - Dead: Lexus CT200h

5/27/2017 - This Oddball Rolls-Royce Could Be The Most Expensive New Car Ever

5/27/2017 - McLaren Still Has A Bunch Of Spare Parts For Your F1

5/27/2017 - Kimi Raikkonen Gets His First Formula One Pole Position In Nine Years

5/27/2017 - McLaren’s Hilariously Bad Cars Out-Qualify Lewis Hamilton In Monaco

5/27/2017 - It's Officially The Biggest Weekend In Racing

5/26/2017 - How To Lose A Race In Only Half A Lap

5/26/2017 - Maryland Bans Coal Rolling Because Shooting Diesel Soot Onto Humans Is Dumb

5/26/2017 - Meet The Bubu 502, The Least Sleek Car Ever Built

5/26/2017 - A Can Of Hairspray Exploded In This Person's Car And Shattered Her Windshield

5/26/2017 - The ‘Very Bad’ Germans Export A Ton Of American-Built Cars

5/26/2017 - The McLaren P1 LM Just Smashed The Nürburgring Production Car Record

5/26/2017 - We Are The Staff Of Jalopnik, Let's Chat

5/26/2017 - Why Not Mow The Yard With An 850 Horsepower Race Truck?

5/26/2017 - Nothing Is More Oddly Satisfying Than Watching This Guy Painstakingly Clean A Mitsubishi

5/26/2017 - Google's Co-Founder Is Building The Biggest Aircraft In The World

5/26/2017 - Here's How To Rebuild Your Worn Out Motorcycle Suspension

5/26/2017 - Desert Racing Broke My Brain And Las Vegas Ate My Kia

5/26/2017 - 18-Year-Old Audi Mechanic Commits Suicide After Hazing From Coworkers: Report

5/26/2017 - Listen To The Crazy Whine From This Twincharged RX-7 Drift Car

5/26/2017 - The Tesla Model X Is Missing Out On The SUV Boom

5/26/2017 - Maybe The MR2

5/26/2017 - Here's What It Takes To Build Cars That Run On The Fuel Of The Future

5/26/2017 - Del Tha Funkee Homosapien -- 'Mistadobalina'

5/26/2017 - For $21,000, Could This 2000 Porsche 911 Have You Getting In On The Ground Floor?

5/25/2017 - This BAC Mono Police Car Once Again Proves The Isle Of Man Is The Greatest Place On Earth

5/25/2017 - You're Not Taking This Woman's Car, Asshole

5/25/2017 - Elvis Presley's Jet Is For Sale And Yes It's As Swanky As You Think It Is

5/25/2017 - Jaguar Turned Its Smallest Car Into The Most Powerful Jag Ever Made

5/25/2017 - MotoGP Legend Valentino Rossi Injured In Motocross Mishap

5/25/2017 - Comment Of The Day: More Turbo Wagon Ads Edition

5/25/2017 - Donald Trump Calls Germans 'Very Bad,' Vows To 'Stop' German Car Sales In U.S.: Reports

5/25/2017 - There's A Shazam For Cars But It's Got A Huge Problem

5/25/2017 - Faraday Future Wants To Raise A Billion Dollars

5/25/2017 - Racer Injured In Massive Indy 500 Qualifying Crash Is Out Of The Hospital

5/25/2017 - BMW i5 Reportedly Canceled In Another Setback To A Once-Ambitious Idea

5/25/2017 - This Is The 2017 Indy 500 Milk List

5/25/2017 - Look Everyone It's Another Ass-Expensive Porsche

5/25/2017 - Fernando Alonso Can Crack A Walnut With His Neck

5/25/2017 - Meet The Porsches Of America's Most Freakishly Obsessive Car Show

5/25/2017 - This Is The New BMW 8 Series Concept In All Its Glory

5/25/2017 - New Lawsuit Accuses GM Of Cheating Diesel Emissions Tests On 705,000 Trucks

5/25/2017 - Stay Cool With These Ice Cold Opel Manta Drifts

5/25/2017 - I Need A Cheap Weekend Racer With Lots Of Personality! What Car Should I Buy?

5/25/2017 - How The Stars Of Baby Driver Learned To Do Very Real Car Stunts

5/25/2017 - Runaway Dump Truck Careens Into Car, Somehow Doesn't Kill Anybody

5/25/2017 - See The Designers Of Pixar's Cars 3 Draw A Never-Before-Seen Character

5/25/2017 - Volvo Set A Nürburgring Record Lap Last Year And Didn't Tell Anyone

5/25/2017 - How To Handle Your Kid Getting Car Sick

5/25/2017 - Ex-CEO Mark Fields To Receive $58 Million For 'Agreeing' to 'Resign' From Ford

5/25/2017 - The Best Thing That Can Happen To Electric Cars Is What Happened To PCs In The 1990s

5/25/2017 - Silkworm -- (I Hope U) Don't Survive

5/25/2017 - For $12,000, How About This Amazing 1970 VW Custom Coffin?

5/24/2017 - Roger Moore's James Bond Citroën 2CV Car Chase

5/24/2017 - Smell Of Doughnuts Entices Bear To Rip Ford Focus Apart 

5/24/2017 - This Is Apparently The New BMW 8 Series Concept

5/24/2017 - The Sleek New 2018 IndyCars Look Properly Bad Ass

5/24/2017 - Comment Of The Day: The Real Reason Why Cars Have Engine Covers Edition

5/24/2017 - The President Of The Philippines Knows Where America's Nuclear Subs Are Because Trump Blabbed About Them

5/24/2017 - The Tesla Model 3 Will Do 0-60 In 5.6 Seconds

5/24/2017 - Why Nicky Hayden Mattered To Motorcycle Racing  

5/24/2017 - I'm Going To Miss The Indy 500 If I Can't Fix One Of My Jeeps In The Next Three Days

5/24/2017 - How Do You Feel About Spare Tires Jammed In The Engine Bay?

5/24/2017 - A Design Engineer Explains Exactly Why Your Car Is So Boring

5/24/2017 - Employee Injuries At The Tesla Factory Are Way Above Industry Average

5/24/2017 - The Aston Martin Valkyrie Won’t Let You Get Fat

5/24/2017 - A Chunk Of The Prettiest Road In The World Has Been Buried In A Landslide

5/24/2017 - I've Never Wanted To Do Anything As Much As I've Wanted To Enter A Jump Contest

5/24/2017 - Faraday Future Employees Reportedly Leaving In Droves; CFO Says The Company's Fine

5/24/2017 - BMW Driver Survives Nightmare Crash When His E30 Loses Its Brakes At 110 MPH

5/24/2017 - Tokyo Brings Its Weirdest And Wildest Cars Into This Parking Garage

5/24/2017 - Trump's $668 Billion Defense Budget Still Doesn't Match His Campaign Promises 

5/24/2017 - Lightning McQueen Will Visit An Abandoned Ghost Track In Cars 3

5/24/2017 - I’m Pretty Sure This BMW Dealer Is Trolling Me With Insanely Expensive Wagons

5/24/2017 - LOTUS IS SAVED

5/24/2017 - Why The U.S. Government Is Suing Fiat Chrysler Over Cheating Diesels

5/24/2017 - Gladys Knight & The Pips -- 'Midnight Train To Georgia'

5/24/2017 - At $24,995, Could The Seller Of This 1978 Cadillac Seville Elegante Be Serious?

5/23/2017 - What's Wrong With This Picture?

5/23/2017 - NASCAR Finally Adds A Road Course To The Playoffs

5/23/2017 - Somebody From Chevy's Dumb 'Real People' Ads Spoke Out About The Hilariously Awkward Experience

5/23/2017 - Volkswagen's Last Rally Winner Finally Lands In A 2017 WRC Car

5/23/2017 - Uber's Paying Back NYC Drivers Millions Of Dollars After Shorting Them For Years

5/23/2017 - Comment Of The Day: That's Why Porsche Makes The Big Bucks

5/23/2017 - IndyCar Aces Tried To Eat Somewhere Good Before They Got Robbed At Taco Bell

5/23/2017 - Autonomous Cars Must Let Us Wander And Explore Without A Destination In Mind

5/23/2017 - The BMW 850CSi Was Magic

5/23/2017 - German Police Search 11 Daimler Offices In Investigation Into Possible Diesel Cheating

5/23/2017 - This Photographer Shoots 230 MPH Formula One Cars On A Camera From 1913

5/23/2017 - How The Dodge Challenger Demon Stacks Up In Dollars-Per-Horsepower

5/23/2017 - How To Get Your Motorcycle Ridiculously Clean For The Summer

5/23/2017 - This Is The Kind Of Driving That Actually Makes You Piss Blood

5/23/2017 - I Just Attended A Police Auction And My God Are The Cars Cheap

5/23/2017 - Stop Doing Kickstarters For Your Dream Car

5/23/2017 - You Will Never Be As Cool As These Citroën DS Drivers Cruising On Only Three Wheels

5/23/2017 - Tesla To Allow Free Supercharging Again But Only If You Have The Hookup

5/23/2017 - The Fiat 124 Spider Is The Ultimate Italian-American Car

5/23/2017 - World's Least Lucky Rally Car Rolls Over Right Before Finish Line

5/23/2017 - Chinese Tech Titan LeEco Reportedly Makes Huge Layoffs In More Possible Bad News For Faraday Future

5/23/2017 - Sir Roger Moore, Who Drove Some Of The Coolest Cars In Cinema, Dies At 89

5/23/2017 - What Experience Ruined A Car For You?

5/23/2017 - Huge Profits Aren't Enough For Car Companies Anymore

5/23/2017 - The 840 Horsepower Dodge Challenger Demon Starts At $84,995

5/23/2017 - Lego Porsche Crash Test Reminds Us Why We Don't Build Cars Out Of Lego

5/23/2017 - Kompressor -- 'K is for Kompressor'

5/23/2017 - For $20,000, Could This 1983 Bremen Sebring Totally Raise The Roof?

5/22/2017 - I Was Completely Infatuated With The Normal Cars Of Italy

5/22/2017 - Here's The Super Sexy Jaguar I-Pace Before You're Supposed To See It

5/22/2017 - Bourdais' Indy 500 Fill-In Should Have Been The Guy Who Let Alonso Drive

5/22/2017 - Barcelona Has Some Pretty Cool Cars, And Surprisingly Cool Vans

5/22/2017 - Skip Barber Racing School Has Filed For Bankruptcy: Report

5/22/2017 - Comment Of The Day: You Won't Believe What Car Is Actually On This Fast & Furious DVD Box

5/22/2017 - Here’s What Saudi Arabia Is Buying In Its $110 Billion Arms Deal

5/22/2017 - The Incredible Majesty Of A Rolls-Royce Umbrella

5/22/2017 - This Fast & Furious DVD Box Is Just So Terrible

5/22/2017 - A Message From Our Lawyer 

5/22/2017 - Biker Stuck On A Speeding Car: 'Can't Believe You Right Now, Dude'

5/22/2017 - Faraday Future's Not-CEO Quasi-Resigns From Yet Another Job

5/22/2017 - Guilt Is Forcing Me To Fix My 1985 Jeep After 18 Months Of Neglect

5/22/2017 - Trump On Spy That He Burned And Whom No One Brought Up: ‘I Never Mentioned Israel’

5/22/2017 - These Are The Lamborghini Countach Donuts Of Your Dreams

5/22/2017 - Why Mark Fields Was Fired

5/22/2017 - How To Dismantle A Nuclear Weapon

5/22/2017 - Elon Musk On His Own Company's Technology: 'Safe, But Unpleasant'

5/22/2017 - Here's What Happens When You Put Sugar In Your Gas Tank

5/22/2017 - Last American To Win A MotoGP Championship Nicky Hayden Dead At 35

5/22/2017 - This Is A Bathroom On An Airplane

5/22/2017 - Indy 500 Pole Sitter And Retired Champion Robbed At Gunpoint At Indianapolis Taco Bell: Police

5/22/2017 - Here Are Your Most Awful Dealership Stories

5/22/2017 - The Real Future Of Ford Isn't Its New CEO

5/22/2017 - Mark Fields Out, Jim Hackett In As Ford CEO In Big Executive Shake-Up

5/22/2017 - V8 Miata Explodes In All-Time Incredible Burnout 

5/22/2017 - Ford CEO Mark Fields Fired In Management Shakeup [UPDATE]

5/22/2017 - Weslee – 'Gassed'

5/22/2017 - For $4,500, Could This 1996 Chevy Corvette Be Worth The Gamble?

5/21/2017 - Scott Dixon Wins Pole For Indianapolis 500, F1 Star Fernando Alonso Starts Fifth

5/21/2017 - More Than 10 Gold Rush Rally Supercars Pulled Over Across Two Counties For Going 100 MPH

5/21/2017 - Fernando Alonso Has To Be Cursed

5/21/2017 - This MotoGP Crash Is So Wild It Doesn't Seem Real

5/21/2017 - Passenger Taped To Seat After Reportedly Trying To Rush Plane Cockpit With Blanket On His Head

5/21/2017 - There’s Only One Way To Make The NASCAR All-Star Race Better

5/21/2017 - Nothing Is More Nerve Wracking Than Watching Two Ex-Teammates Race Against Each Other

5/21/2017 - NASCAR's Driver-Only Broadcast Team Next Month Could Be Great Or A Big Mess

5/21/2017 - This May Be The Insane NASCAR Save Of The Year

5/20/2017 - Of Course A NASCAR Crew Chief Found A Loophole With The All-Star Race Tires

5/20/2017 - Alonso Will Score More Points In Indy 500 Qualifying Than He Has All Year In F1

5/20/2017 - Sébastien Bourdais Flips In Massive Crash During Fastest Indy 500 Qualifying Run

5/20/2017 - Thieves Steal Suburban That Was Being Used As A Hearse And Dump the Body

5/20/2017 - How The Indianapolis 500's Complicated Two-Day Qualifying System Works

5/20/2017 - Chris Cornell Wrote Some Of The Best Driving Songs

5/20/2017 - One Of The 2017 Ford GT’s First Owners Shows Us How It Really Is

5/20/2017 - IndyCar Driver Thwarted By Bus Door

5/20/2017 - The Idiot's Guide To Oversteer Vs. Understeer And How To Beat Both

5/20/2017 - There's A New Fastest Woman Around Indianapolis Motor Speedway

5/20/2017 - NASCAR's Going To Test Some Weird Stuff This Weekend Since The Race Isn't For Points

5/19/2017 -  

5/19/2017 - Some Weird Shit Rolls Up At An American Muscle Car Show In Japan

5/19/2017 - What's The Cheapest Car On Your Local Craigslist?

5/19/2017 - FCA Proposes Fix To Address EPA Accusations Of Diesel Cheating

5/19/2017 - Comment Of The Day: No Parking On The Grass Edition

5/19/2017 - I Don't Get This Porsche 911 GT3 Rumor But Maybe I'm Just Dumb

5/19/2017 - Volkswagen Officially Has A Fix For 84,000 Additional Cheating Diesels

5/19/2017 - The C6 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Looks Better With Every Passing Day

5/19/2017 - Uber Threatens To Fire The Self-Driving Car Guru At The Center Of Its Fight With Google

5/19/2017 - Roads Are Getting So Bad In The U.S. That Chunks Are Flying Into Our Cars

5/19/2017 - Things Go Instantly Wrong For Range Rover Driver Trying To Look Cool

5/19/2017 - Here's Why The Ford 300 Inline-Six Is One Of The Greatest Engines Ever

5/19/2017 - Inside The Russian Bomber That’s Been Flying America’s Coastline

5/19/2017 - Can You Turn A Rental Van Into A Self-Shredding Burnout Machine Using Cruise Control?

5/19/2017 - What The 2017 Porsche 911 GTS Is Missing Is Fun

5/19/2017 - Ford Will Add Android Auto And Apple CarPlay With An Update If You Have SYNC 3

5/19/2017 - The 750 HP Shelby F-150 Super Snake Is 'Murica In Truck Form

5/19/2017 - The 2018 Volvo XC60 Is Crazy Smart Right Down To The Windshield Wipers

5/19/2017 - The 52 MPG 2018 Chevrolet Cruze Diesel Will Start At $24,670

5/19/2017 - America's Overhaul Of NAFTA Will Have Major Effects On The Auto Industry

5/19/2017 - Chinese Su-30 Fighter Flies Inverted Over U.S. Nuclear Detection Plane Above East China Sea

5/19/2017 - The Volkswagen Up GTI Will Be The Greatest Car Forever And Ever For All Time Amen

5/19/2017 - West Coast Customs And Mitsubishi Are Doing The Engine Swap Of The Century

5/19/2017 - Phoenix -- 'Ti Amo'

5/19/2017 - For $8,700, Could This 1970 Ford F-250 Work Truck Work For You?

5/18/2017 - I Went To A Concours d'Elegance And The Best Car Was An E30 BMW M3 

5/18/2017 - Uber Really, Really Doesn't Want The Public To See Its Court Battle With Google

5/18/2017 - How A $28 Laboratory Test May Have Just Saved My Engine's Life

5/18/2017 - The New Mercedes CLS Might Actually Not Look Terrible

5/18/2017 - Comment Of The Day: Is There Such A Thing As A Finished Project Car Edition

5/18/2017 - Watch A Robot Land A 737 In A Simulator

5/18/2017 - Grr Mean-Looking Grr

5/18/2017 - Every Car Company Does Its 'Loud Exhaust' Buttons Wrong

5/18/2017 - Google Has A Wiper For Its LiDAR To Handle Bird Shit And Rain And Look At It Go

5/18/2017 - At Long Last: Bentley Makes A Bentayga For Falconry

5/18/2017 - I Bought A Salvage Corvette Z06 And Now I’m Going To Race It Up Pikes Peak

5/18/2017 - Elon Musk Has No Idea Why Wall Street Values Tesla So High

5/18/2017 - How I Survived A Dodge Charger Hellcat On A Wet Track

5/18/2017 - Watch A Guy's Coworkers Torment Him Over His Unfinished Car

5/18/2017 - The Bizarre Legal Story Behind One Of The Weirdest Paint Jobs I've Ever Seen

5/18/2017 - I Need Something Unique And Fast That My Kid Will Think Is Awesome! What Car Should I Buy?

5/18/2017 - One Dead, 22 Injured After Speeding Car Hits Pedestrians In Times Square

5/18/2017 - MotoGP Champion Nicky Hayden In 'Extremely Critical Condition' After Bicycling Accident (Update)

5/18/2017 - What The Hell Is This Widebody Chrysler 300 SRT With Dodge Demon Wheels?

5/18/2017 - You Can Get A Rear-Engined BMW With A Carbon Fiber Body For Less Than A Honda Civic

5/18/2017 - It Is Becoming Increasingly Clear That F1's Old Boss Was Killing The Sport

5/18/2017 - The King Of The Netherlands Moonlights As A KLM Airline Pilot

5/18/2017 - The Feds Are Looking To Sue Fiat Chrysler Over Cheating Diesels

5/18/2017 - The Israeli Spy That Trump Burned Was The Single 'Most Valuable Source' On ISIS Plots

5/18/2017 - Soundgarden - 'Rusty Cage'

5/18/2017 - For $1,500, Could This 1990 Subaru Justy Be A Small Wonder?

5/17/2017 - What Is The Best Beach Car?

5/17/2017 - Giant Wind Turbine Blade Slices Through Truck, Shuts Down Road In Radical Attempt To Reduce Emissions

5/17/2017 - Police Arrest 8-Year-Old Florida Girl And Charge Her With Felony Car Burglary

5/17/2017 - Volvo Has Deployed An Autonomous Garbage Truck

5/17/2017 - The Stylish 2018 Volvo XC60 Will Cost $42,495

5/17/2017 - Comment Of The Day: Callous Car Cops Edition

5/17/2017 - How The New BMW M5 Switches To All-Wheel Drive Whenever You Want

5/17/2017 - I Fixed The Most Important Thing On My Mercedes-Benz

5/17/2017 - The Grand Prize For This MotoGP Video Game Championship Is Ironically A Car

5/17/2017 - The 2017 Mazda Miata RF Still Isn't Practical At All But You Won't Care

5/17/2017 - The Porsche Superyacht Isn't Expensive Enough

5/17/2017 - Diesel Ice Cream Trucks In England Could Be Poisoning Children

5/17/2017 - Jersey Shore Land Rover Guy's Instagram Moment Was Not Worth It

5/17/2017 - Why China's Nervous Over South Korea's New Missile Defense System

5/17/2017 - Perfect Day For A Burnout

5/17/2017 - MotoGP Champ Nicky Hayden Reportedly In Serious Condition After Being Hit By Car On A Bicycle

5/17/2017 - Two Tricks For Making An Engine Swap Easier

5/17/2017 - Tuner Shop Busted For Illegally Importing An R33 GT-R

5/17/2017 - This Japanese Race Is Where Your Gran Turismo Dreams Come True

5/17/2017 - The 'Ugliest Ferrari Ever' Sounds Absolutely Incredible

5/17/2017 - St. Louis City Workers Pave Road Around This Dumb Parked Kia

5/17/2017 - You're More Likely To Die In A Car Crash On Memorial Day Than Any Other Holiday

5/17/2017 - Ford Will Officially Lay Off 'Only' 1,400 People

5/17/2017 - Things Got Too Hot For This Honda Civic Type R

5/17/2017 - Dodge Dealers Are Taking Demon Deposits For Cars They Might Not Even Get

5/17/2017 - Yeshimebet Dubale -- "I Remember A Man"

5/17/2017 - For $6,800, Is This Custom 1986 Pontiac Trans Am A Showoff?

5/16/2017 - What It's Like To Run 'The Hardest Stage In The World' 

5/16/2017 - The New 2018 BMW M5 Will Be A 600 Horsepower AWD Monster With A Twin-Turbo V8

5/16/2017 - Meet One Of The Wackiest Japanese Car Tuners On The Planet

5/16/2017 - Watch Crazy-Ass Actor Tom Cruise Fling An E28 BMW 5 Series And Crash Into Shit In Paris

5/16/2017 - Comment Of The Day: Bring It Back Around Edition

5/16/2017 - Treason: An Explainer

5/16/2017 - These May Be All The Engines For The 2018 Jeep Wrangler

5/16/2017 - This Tiny Plastic Car Has No Reverse Gear But Can Do Backwards Donuts Anyway

5/16/2017 - This Dodge Challenger Ripping Donuts Next To A VW TDI Graveyard Has To Mean Something

5/16/2017 - I Asked A Car Designer To Try The Hardest Thing In Auto Design

5/16/2017 - 2017 Ford Focus ST: The Jalopnik Review

5/16/2017 - Four-Time Supercross Champion Retires A Year After He Fractured His Neck

5/16/2017 - Toyota Invested $350,000 In A 'Flying Car' That's Actually A Drone

5/16/2017 - President Trump Fucked Over Israel, Just Like The CIA Said He Would

5/16/2017 - This Car Stuck On The Edge Of A Highway Overpass Makes My Palms Sweat 

5/16/2017 - Another Major U.S. Highway Just Got A Higher Speed Limit

5/16/2017 - Stuffing A 389 HP Audi Turbo Engine In The Back Of A Beetle Is The Best Idea

5/16/2017 - Israel Built A Fighter Jet So Strange That Boeing Thought It Was A Joke

5/16/2017 - What Is Your Worst Dealership Story?

5/16/2017 - How NASCAR Engineers Use High-Powered Microscopes To Understand Engine Failures

5/16/2017 - Formula One Bosses Reportedly Fear ISIS Bomber Drones Attacking Silverstone Race

5/16/2017 - How To Unlock The Chevy Colorado ZR2's Secret Extreme Drive Mode

5/16/2017 - Supercar Vending Machine Keeps Cars Literally Out Of Reach Of The Poor

5/16/2017 - Terrifying Crash Test Shows What Happens If You Hit The Side Of A Semi

5/16/2017 - Ford Is Reportedly Slashing 10 Percent Of Its Workforce

5/16/2017 - I Found The Best Seats

5/16/2017 - This Is What The Jail On An Aircraft Carrier Looks Like

5/16/2017 - Man Man -- 'Loot My Body'

5/16/2017 - How About This Sweet 1992 Subaru SVX LS-L For $6,995?

5/15/2017 - All We Need In Life Is A Mini With Billionaire Doors

5/15/2017 - Ford Mustang Ripped In Half In Alleged Street Racing Crash

5/15/2017 - State Troopers Are Ticketing NYC Drivers More Than Ever Before

5/15/2017 - Drones Are Getting Their Own Air Traffic Control With No Need For Humans

5/15/2017 - Comment Of The Day: Pizza Taxi Time Edition

5/15/2017 - NASCAR Is Changing Its Rules On The Fly Yet Again

5/15/2017 - Trump Shared ISIS Intel With Russia Even Our Allies Don't Have Access To: Report

5/15/2017 - Proposed New York Legislation Would Let Police Tap Into Drivers' Phones

5/15/2017 - Only 36 Percent Of Americans Know Where North Korea Actually Is

5/15/2017 - What Do You Want To Know About The Porsche 911 GTS?

5/15/2017 - Force India's Asinine Fine Over Car Numbers Is Everything Wrong With F1

5/15/2017 - I Did A Seats-Out Clean Of My Car And It Felt Amazing

5/15/2017 - Automakers Are Realizing Maybe They Don't Want Trump's Deregulation After All

5/15/2017 - The 2017 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Can Fly

5/15/2017 - McLaren-Honda Is Officially The Worst Team In F1

5/15/2017 - This Crash Between A 2015 And A 1998 Toyota Corolla Shows How Far Car Safety Has Come

5/15/2017 - How Two Old Porsche 911s Survived 1,000 Miles Of Truck-Killing Off-Roading

5/15/2017 - This Japanese Pizza Delivery Scooter Battle Is Proof That People Will Race Anything

5/15/2017 - Here's The Furthest You've Ever Gone To Buy A Car

5/15/2017 - Judge Spares Uber's Self-Driving Car Program, For Now

5/15/2017 - Everyone Somehow Survives After Horror Crash Literally Splits Car Down The Middle

5/15/2017 - The 2017 Ford GT Makes Most Supercars Look Soft

5/15/2017 - Google And Lyft Team Up To Put Yet Another Nail In Uber’s Coffin

5/15/2017 - Bentley Is Already Feeling The Effects Of Brexit

5/15/2017 - What To Do If A Car Dealer Says They Made A 'Mistake' On Your Contract

5/15/2017 - Mystery Explosion Injures 13 At German Automotive Factory 

5/15/2017 - I Demanded Answers From The Bosses At Pixar About How The World Of Cars Works

5/15/2017 - Sunset Rubdown--'Idiot Heart'

5/15/2017 - For $13,500, This 2000 Honda Insight Hides A Pretty Big Secret

5/14/2017 - Your Ridiculously Awesome Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 Wallpaper Is Here 

5/14/2017 - How A Bad Snowstorm Made Me Buy A Toyota Celica All-Trac

5/14/2017 - What Was The Best Car Experience You've Had With Your Mom?

5/14/2017 - Where Do You Hate To Drive Through The Most?

5/14/2017 - Before I Was A Mom I Spent My Days Doing Irresponsible Things In Cars 

5/14/2017 - I'm A Mom Who Drives A Chevy SS And I'm Going To Teach You A Lesson About Driving Stick 

5/14/2017 - NASCAR's Aric Almirola Sustained Compression Fracture In Hard Wreck In Kansas

5/14/2017 - I Now Get Why My Mom Loved Her Quirky BMW With One Big Front Door 

5/14/2017 - Heartbroken Kid Got To Meet Kimi Raikkonen After His Wreck Brought Him To Tears

5/14/2017 - My Mom's Daily Driver Was A 1972 Super Beetle

5/14/2017 - We're Celebrating Moms Today On Jalopnik!

5/13/2017 - This PIT Maneuver In NASCAR's Pit Lane Is The Pits

5/13/2017 - The NIO EP9 Now Claims To Be The Fastest Road Car To Lap The Nürburgring

5/13/2017 - This Finger Is Canadian For "Hello," I Think

5/13/2017 - See A Porsche Cayenne Tow The Heaviest Aircraft Ever Towed By A Production Vehicle

5/13/2017 - Watch A World Superbike Aprilia Explode When It Hits The Wall

5/13/2017 - New Jersey Minivan Driver Stops Rush Hour Traffic To Masturbate While On PCP

5/13/2017 - Impatience Is A Hell Of A Drug On Track

5/13/2017 - Renault And Nissan Plants Hit By Massive Ransomware Attack

5/13/2017 - Please Don't Put A Lift Kit On Your Chevy Colorado ZR2

5/13/2017 - Alonso Pulls Off A Spanish Grand Prix Qualifying Miracle In This Year's Worst F1 Car

5/13/2017 - NASCAR Killjoys Won't Let Weed Biz Keep Its Logo On Carl Long's Race Car [Updated]

5/13/2017 - It's Somehow Already Time For The IndyCar Festivities At Indianapolis Again

5/12/2017 - Chris Harris Thinks Porsche Spoiled The New Boxster By Making It Better

5/12/2017 - Watch A Jackass From ‘Street Outlaws’ Get Busted In A Texas Street Race

5/12/2017 - BMW Doesn't Know What To Call Its New Supra-Based Roadster Yet

5/12/2017 - Comment Of The Day: Mating Dance, Mate Edition

5/12/2017 - Here's A Weird Autonomous Chinese-Market SUV Running Around California

5/12/2017 - Streetcars Are A Publicity Stunt And Detroit's New Trolley Is No Different

5/12/2017 - The 2017 Honda Civic Si Starts At A Reasonable $23,900

5/12/2017 - This Wildly Vulgar 27-Year-Old Car Dealership Parody Ad Is Still Fucking Great

5/12/2017 - Get A Load Of This Car's Freaky Windshield Wipers

5/12/2017 - Robots Are Replacing Auto Workers In China Now Too

5/12/2017 - China Deploys New Aircraft To South China Sea As U.S Allies Get Nervous

5/12/2017 - Self-Driving Engineers Are Looking To Flee Uber's Sinking Ship

5/12/2017 - Please Tighten Your Lug Nuts Before Dynoing Your 600 Horsepower Civic

5/12/2017 - I Can't Stop Watching How The Ford GT Squats In Track Mode

5/12/2017 - This Has To Be One Of The Strangest Craigslist Car Ads Ever

5/12/2017 - Just A Porsche Rock Crawling And Mudding With Some Jeeps Like It's No Big Deal

5/12/2017 - Eternal F1 Sad Boy Fernando Alonso Left To Play Paddle After His Engine Blew Up On Its First Lap

5/12/2017 - Elon Musk's New Video For His Dumb Tunnel Project Is Awesome

5/12/2017 - These Are The Cars That People Keep The Longest

5/12/2017 - The Hybrid Porsche 911 Is No More: Report

5/12/2017 - Here’s Exactly What It Cost To Buy And Repair An Old Toyota Pickup Truck

5/12/2017 - If I Were Elon Musk I'd Be Worried About BMW's Electric Model 3 Fighter

5/12/2017 - Volkswagen Faces More Fines In Never-Ending Dieselgate Saga

5/12/2017 - This Is What The 2017 Ford GT Was Really Born To Do

5/12/2017 - Watch This BMW E46 Keep Driving On The Nürburgring With Its Door Open 

5/12/2017 - Rebekah del Rio -- Llorando

5/12/2017 - Uber Just Lost Its Attempt To Keep Its Court Battle With Waymo Out Of The Public Eye

5/12/2017 - For $8,999, Could This Tastefully Modded 1980 Triumph TR8 Have You Shouting The British Are Coming?

5/11/2017 - 'Le Mans: Racing is Everything' Is Amazon's New Series About A Race That's Already 24 Hours Long

5/11/2017 - Bentley's Vegan Interiors Idea Is A Hot Crock Of Bullshit

5/11/2017 - Alec Baldwin Doesn't Look Anything Like Enzo Ferrari

5/11/2017 - German Police Want American Soldiers To Muffle The Sound Of Their Throaty V8s

5/11/2017 - Stock Chevy Colorado ZR2s Rocked The Damn Rubicon Trail Then Drove Home

5/11/2017 - NYU Left A Secret Encryption-Busting Computer Project Exposed On The Internet By Mistake

5/11/2017 - Putting A Wood Deck Into The Back Of My Car Was Way Easier Than I Thought

5/11/2017 - That Time A Monkey Went Apeshit On A NASCAR Driver's Face

5/11/2017 - The Old Ford Ranger Actually Had Some Awesome Suspension Designs

5/11/2017 - Behold The Custom Honda Civic I Will Drive Into The Apocalypse

5/11/2017 - We Will Definitely Not Lose Any Guns To ISIS, U.S. Military Says

5/11/2017 - Here's A Map Of 263 Companies Involved In Developing Autonomous Cars

5/11/2017 - The Coolest Restorer In LA Built This Sweet Electric VW Off-Roader

5/11/2017 - Google Founder Disguised Himself During A Driverless Car Race To Hire A Dude

5/11/2017 - ABC News’ Big ‘Investigative’ Story About BMW Fires Is Bunk

5/11/2017 - These People Asked Jalopnik For Car Buying Advice! Here Are The Cars They Bought

5/11/2017 - Trump May Have Just Derailed A Crucial Part Of America's Future Aircraft Carrier Fleet

5/11/2017 - Tell Us About An Awesome Random Encounter You Had With A Fellow Gearhead

5/11/2017 - The 2018 Jeep Wrangler's Interior Actually Looks Pretty Nice

5/11/2017 - The Michigan Lab Keeping Automakers Honest About MPGs Is In Jeopardy

5/11/2017 - The One-Millionth Porsche 911 Is Exceedingly Lovely

5/11/2017 - The BMW 8 Series Is Back

5/11/2017 - This Time My Shitty Old Volkswagen Got Me Mugged

5/11/2017 - Le Tigre -- 'Deceptacon'

5/11/2017 - Would You Pay $7,995 For This 2003 BMW 325XiT… Or Are You Yella?

5/10/2017 - BMW's Subtle 2 Series Facelift Is A Nice Reminder Of Just How Handsome It Is

5/10/2017 - How To Install Racing Seats In Your Car To Improve Your Driving And Feel Like A Bad Ass

5/10/2017 - Paris Hilton's Younger Brother Being Arrested For Felony Auto Theft: 'I’m Conrad Motherfucking Hilton'

5/10/2017 - Driver Crashes Car Through McDonald's And Flees Out The Front Door

5/10/2017 - Customer Satisfaction Was Actually Going Up Before The Airlines Went Berserk

5/10/2017 - Comment Of The Day: But Wait.. And Wait.. There's More! Edition

5/10/2017 - I'll Tell You Where They Should Test Autonomous Cars: New York Fuckin' City

5/10/2017 - Only One Country Has Ever Voluntarily Given Up Its Nukes

5/10/2017 - Toyota: Please Stop Calling Us Boring

5/10/2017 - Americans Are Willing To Pay Almost $5,000 For Autonomous Car Tech, Smart People Say

5/10/2017 - Auto Loan Fraud Is Starting To Look More And More Like What Happened With Mortgages 

5/10/2017 - Racing Is Better When The Competitors Hate Each Other

5/10/2017 - Driving A 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing Is Like A Terrifying Wonder-Dream

5/10/2017 - I Am Transfixed By The Honda Del Sol's Weird Transtop Roof

5/10/2017 - Spirit Airlines Is Having A Fucked Up Week

5/10/2017 - Here's How The Lamborghini Huracán Performante Manipulates Air Itself To Go Even Faster

5/10/2017 - The 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Will Start At $41,995

5/10/2017 - A 1967 Driver's Ed Manual Is Both Horrifying And Way Better Than What We Have Today

5/10/2017 - Ford's Profits Are Dwindling And Investors Don't Care About Robot Taxis

5/10/2017 - This Is The Most Boring Car Feature Ever Advertised

5/10/2017 - This Video Perfectly Explains The Levels Of Autonomous Driving

5/10/2017 - Dark Thoughts -- 'Dark Thoughts'

5/10/2017 - For $2,000, Could This 2004 Saab 9-5 Be An Arc You Covet?

5/9/2017 - This Company Turns Ford F-250s Into Heavy-Duty 'MegaRaptors' And 'SuperRaptors'

5/9/2017 - Dale Earnhardt Jr. Turns To Exciting Sport Of TV Home Renovation Following NASCAR Retirement

5/9/2017 - Two Canadian Kids Crash Parents' Truck In Hella Canadian Joyride To Tim Hortons

5/9/2017 - No Criminal Charges For Amtrak Engineer Involved In Deadly 2015 Crash

5/9/2017 - How South Korea's New President Changes The North Korea Game

5/9/2017 - Comment Of The Day: Twerking Toyota Tundra Edition

5/9/2017 - This 1998 Porsche GT1 Is A Frighteningly Fast Street Legal Racecar

5/9/2017 - That Story About A 180 MPH Hellcat Test Drive Is Totally Fake

5/9/2017 - Jeep 'Death Wobble' Is So Violent It Will Make You Crap Your Pants Every Time

5/9/2017 - It Sounds Like Everything's Going To Be Fine At The Hanford Site, Worker Says

5/9/2017 - Watch A Hail Storm In Colorado Absolutely Destroy Windshields

5/9/2017 - Hertz Is Hurting Right Now

5/9/2017 - Russia Is Beefing Up Its Nuclear Weapons In The Arctic At The Worst Possible Moment

5/9/2017 - 2017 Chrysler Pacifica: The Jalopnik Review

5/9/2017 - NASCAR Racer Once Slammed With Largest Ever Fine Is Finally Back

5/9/2017 - The Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Was Made For Shredding Tires

5/9/2017 - Emergency Declared At U.S. Nuclear Weapon Production Site

5/9/2017 - Faraday Future Is Still Out Here Trying To Make It Happen: Video

5/9/2017 - What The Hell Is This Mysterious Mercedes-AMG Wagon?

5/9/2017 - How Far Did You Go To Buy A Car?

5/9/2017 - We Have No Idea How The People In This Insane Audi Crash Survived

5/9/2017 - What Do You Want To Know About The 2017 Chevy Colorado ZR2?

5/9/2017 - Strap On Your Headphones It's A Motherfucking CLK GTR Exhaust Video

5/9/2017 - Actually All Sports Cars Will Save The Automotive Industry

5/9/2017 - Never Underestimate The Powers Of JDM In A Parking Lot Battle

5/9/2017 - Gogol Bordello – 'Not A Crime'

5/9/2017 - Might You Do $10,000 For This Crazy Clean 1985 Subaru Brat GL?

5/8/2017 - Meh Car Monday: Of Course It's The Ford Tempo

5/8/2017 - 'The CR-V Lady' Loses Her Driver's License, Continues To Drive And Get Into Trouble: Report

5/8/2017 - This Fucked Up Michigan Traffic Law Traps Drivers In Poverty

5/8/2017 - Why You Shouldn't Drive Around In Warm Weather With Your Winter Tires

5/8/2017 - Teenage Racer Who Lost Both Legs In Massive F4 Crash Vows To Race Again

5/8/2017 - Comment Of The Day: Haiku-ld You Edition

5/8/2017 - The GOP's National Security Hearings Were Just An Excuse For Another Dumb Witch Hunt

5/8/2017 - It's Kind Of Weird That The BMW 6 Series Coupe Was Discontinued First

5/8/2017 - Watch This All-Kevlar-And-Carbon BMW M2 Shred Tires With An American V8

5/8/2017 - The Streets In This Florida Neighborhood Are All Named After Your First Car

5/8/2017 - True NASCAR Dad Climbs Talladega's Catch Fence After Son Wins Race

5/8/2017 - Trump Doesn't Like The Smartest Military Mind He Hired: Report

5/8/2017 - This Parking Lot Party Reveals Just How Wild Japan's Tuner Scene Can Get

5/8/2017 - I Have A New Favorite Car Word

5/8/2017 - This Is The Difference Between An Electric Turbocharger And An Electric Supercharger

5/8/2017 - Tesla Will Now Be Sending 'Short Video Clips' Collected From Your Car Back To The Company

5/8/2017 - Here's A Look At Uber Freight, The Company's Long-Haul Trucking Project

5/8/2017 - Melt Your Face With Flame-Shooting Exhausts On The Nürburgring

5/8/2017 - Here's Why The Toyota Supra's 2JZ Is Such A Legendary Engine

5/8/2017 - Bask In The Glow Of All The World's Best Sports Cars That Raced In America This Weekend

5/8/2017 - Holy Hell This Nissan GT-R Backfiring Sounds Like A Machine Gun

5/8/2017 - These Are The Most Disgusting Messes Your Kids Have Left In Your Car

5/8/2017 - This Abandoned Toyota Supra In The Woods Of Japan Will Make You Cry Your Eyes Out

5/8/2017 - Tesla Will Limit Your Fast Charging Rate If You Charge It Too Quickly Too Much

5/8/2017 - New Safety Tech Is Actually Making It Easier Than Ever To Total Your Car

5/8/2017 - The Next Porsche Cayman GT4 Could Keep The Flat-Six And Manual Transmission

5/8/2017 - There's A Bugatti Veyron For Sale With What Might Be A Magic Backwards-Running Odometer

5/8/2017 - Funkadelic -- '(Not Just) Knee Deep'

5/8/2017 - For $37,900, Would you Czech Out This 1989 Tatra 613?

5/7/2017 - Your Ridiculously Awesome Porsche 911 Wallpaper Is Here

5/7/2017 - Virtually Wreck-Less Talladega Race Wads Up The Field With 20 Laps Left

5/7/2017 - Father Charged With Defrauding More Than $25 Million To Fund Son’s Racing Career

5/7/2017 - It's Not Called A Pit Straight So You Can Do Pit Manuevers

5/7/2017 - Rally Car Saved From Rolling Down A Cliff By Single Metal Guardrail

5/7/2017 - Maybe There’s Not Safety In Numbers

5/7/2017 - Here's What Happens When A Wasp Crawls Into A MotoGP Rider's Leathers

5/7/2017 - Online Shopping Is Killing Car Dealer Inventories

5/6/2017 - Austin WeatherTech Sports Car Race Ended With A Big Nissan Inferno

5/6/2017 - Toyota's Final, 1-2 Winning Lap At The 6 Hours Of Spa Was Intense

5/6/2017 - Big Dumb Pileup At First Turn Eats Half Of A Race Class At COTA

5/6/2017 - Talladega Superspeedway Just Ate Some Race Cars For Lunch

5/6/2017 - Suddenly Losing A Rear Wing On Race Car Can End Very, Very Badly

5/6/2017 - Those Awful ‘Real People’ Chevy Ads Aren’t Going Away Anytime Soon

5/6/2017 - Racer Somehow Holds It Together After Getting Pelted With Part Of His Own Car

5/6/2017 - Fernando Alonso's Indianapolis 500 Practice Time Broke The Indy-net

5/6/2017 - Talladega Superspeedway Is Going To Eat Some Race Cars This Weekend

5/5/2017 - What's The Dumbest Thing You Ever Bought That Matched Your Car?

5/5/2017 - Tesla's German Subsidiary Didn't Warn Clients It Was Ending Contracts To Focus On The Model 3

5/5/2017 - Fisker Might Be On To Something With This Theory About Electric Cars

5/5/2017 - I Just Watched Cayman On Cayman Brutality And It Was Great

5/5/2017 - Comment Of The Day: Racing Puns Edition

5/5/2017 - Here's The First Full-Length Trailer For Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk

5/5/2017 - Texas Might Ditch Its Mandatory Vehicle Safety Inspection After 67 Years

5/5/2017 - Russia’s Involvement In Syria Proves That It's Far Behind The Western World 

5/5/2017 - Uber's Internal Probe Of Sexual Harassment At The Company Won't Include Treatment Of Drivers 

5/5/2017 - Look At The Crazy Crap People Put On Their Cars In China

5/5/2017 - The Wayne Taylor Racing Cadillac Is On A Warpath

5/5/2017 - Holy Crap They Actually Got A Toyota Land Cruiser To Do 230 MPH

5/5/2017 - These New Road Materials Could Patch Our Garbage Infrastructure And Improve Gas Mileage

5/5/2017 - Rival Car Dealers Allegedly Sent Spies To Shut Down A Tesla Store

5/5/2017 - Watch Tandem Drifters Smoke Out The Camera At The Legendary Ebisu Circuit

5/5/2017 - That Time Hundreds Of People Thought Donald Trump's Casino Was Giving Them A Rolls-Royce

5/5/2017 - The New Camaro GT4.R Is Bad Ass In Race Car Form

5/5/2017 - These Are The Biggest Mistakes Used Car Buyers Make

5/5/2017 - The Brilliant Engineering That Keeps Your Engine Cool

5/5/2017 - This Is How Much It Costs To Operate Air Force One

5/5/2017 - American Buyers Don't Really Care How American A Product Is

5/5/2017 - Porsche Cares About Nürburgring Times After All (And Holy Crap The New 911 GT3 Is Fast)

5/5/2017 - Geoff Muldaur -- 'Brazil'

5/5/2017 - Geoff Muldaur -- 'Brazil'

5/5/2017 - For $24,995, Might This Custom Kit Hummer H1 Prove That Too Much Is Sometimes Enough?

5/4/2017 - Chrysler Hid A 'Screw You GM' Easter Egg In Every 200

5/4/2017 - Delta Kicks Family With Two Toddlers Off Flight For Inane Reason

5/4/2017 - New York City Raked In $545 Million In Parking Ticket Fines Last Year

5/4/2017 - The Justice Department Has Opened A Criminal Investigation Into Uber: Report

5/4/2017 - North Korea Is Building Mysterious New Islands In The Yellow Sea

5/4/2017 - Comment Of The Day: Deja Vu Edition

5/4/2017 - Behold The Beautiful Madness Of What Brazil Did To Ford Trucks

5/4/2017 - Tesla Is Kind Of Walking Back Those Outrageous Production Goals

5/4/2017 - The Classic BMW You Probably Haven't Heard Of Is A Dream To Drive

5/4/2017 - This Famous Star Wars Photo Has A Huge Mystery And I'm Going To Find The Truth

5/4/2017 - How Has Getting Older Changed Your Wrenching Habits?

5/4/2017 - 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid: The Jalopnik Review

5/4/2017 - Ask Daytona And Sebring Winning Prankster Jordan Taylor Anything You Want

5/4/2017 - Federal Prisoner Indicted For Running 'Inmate Uber' Service For Escapees

5/4/2017 - Mercedes Phones In A Half-Assed Star Wars Edition CLA For Japan

5/4/2017 - Yes Ute Can Do A Burnout On A Trailer

5/4/2017 - Joey Logano's Richmond Win Means Nothing Now

5/4/2017 - I Can Finally Afford A Porsche 911 But I Don't Know Which One To Get! What Should I Buy?

5/4/2017 - What Is The Worst Factory Engine Upgrade?

5/4/2017 - LAX's New Private Luxury Terminal For The Rich Is The Most Obnoxiously LA Thing Ever

5/4/2017 - We're Here To Watch America's Raddest Sports Cars On America's F1 Track

5/4/2017 - Ferrari Is Making Absurd Amounts Of Money

5/4/2017 - Actual Sanctioned Fight To Happen At NASCAR For A Change

5/4/2017 - Kanye West -- 'Through the Wire'

5/4/2017 - For $12,500, Would You Buy Dee Snider’s 1999 Shelby Durango SP360?

5/3/2017 - Don't Get Too Excited About The John DeLorean Movie Just Yet

5/3/2017 - Colorado Ready To Explicitly Ban Rolling Coal After An Incredibly Stupid Debate

5/3/2017 - U.S. Military Contractors Involved In Sex Trafficking, Smuggling On Iraq Base: Report 

5/3/2017 - New U.S. Transportation Secretary Doesn't Seem To Know Anything About Autonomous Cars

5/3/2017 - Tesla's Next Car Won't Be Based On The Model 3, Which Is Confusing

5/3/2017 - Comment Of The Day: Alonso's Chief Weapons Are... Edition

5/3/2017 - Stealth B-21 Raider To Make Do With Budget Of Only $1.338 Billion Instead Of $1.358 Billion

5/3/2017 - Tesla's Opening Its Own Body Repair Shops

5/3/2017 - The McLaren 720S 'Drift Mode' Is Not What You Think

5/3/2017 - Fernando Alonso Kills Two Birds With One IndyCar

5/3/2017 - Google Finally Comes Out And Alleges The Self-Driving Tech Theft Case Was Orchestrated by Uber

5/3/2017 - Three Dead After Jeep Crashes Into Crowd At Auto Auction

5/3/2017 - This Little Video About A Hairpin Turn Is Like A Tiny Feel-Good Movie 

5/3/2017 - Fernando Alonso's First IndyCar Test Showed Why We Love Him

5/3/2017 - The BMW Addiction That Completely Destroyed This Man’s Life

5/3/2017 - Cunning NY Drug Dealers Disguised Themselves As Uber Drivers: Police

5/3/2017 - This Crazy Car Festival Will Make You Buy Plane Tickets To Japan Right Now

5/3/2017 - How To Activate The Easter Egg In The McLaren 720S' Exhaust

5/3/2017 - Savor This 1138 HP 2JZ-Swapped BMW E30 M3 Sideways On The Nürburgring

5/3/2017 - Louisiana Parish That Backed Elio Asks What The Hell Is Going On

5/3/2017 - Michigan Pulls Head Out Of Ass, Moves To Stop Ticketing People Warming Cars In Driveways 

5/3/2017 - This Cheap Tune Gives You The Honda Civic Si Hatch That Should Have Been

5/3/2017 - The Annoying Guy From Wheeler Dealers Calls Edd China A 'Traitor'

5/3/2017 - The McLaren 720S Is A Cosmically Fast Supercar That Teaches You To Drive

5/3/2017 - Small Sports Cars Will Save The Automotive Industry

5/3/2017 - You Can Now Buy A Used Maserati With An Unlimited Mile Warranty 

5/3/2017 - Fernando Alonso's Indy 500 Car Furiously Goes McLaren Honda Orange

5/3/2017 - Sugarcubes -- 'Birthday'

5/3/2017 - For $38,000, Could This 1973 Volkswagen SP2 Get You To Go Full Brazilian?

5/2/2017 - Quick Question: What's The Most Satisfying Car Part To Bite?

5/2/2017 - Why You're Wrong About What Engine You Want For Your Drift Car

5/2/2017 - Driver Flies Car Into Gas Pump, Miraculously Doesn't Cause Huge Explosion

5/2/2017 - Hilarious Crash Reenactment Makes For The Best Post-Race Interview Ever

5/2/2017 - What It's Like Developing One Of The Most Technologically Advanced Supercars Ever

5/2/2017 - I Am Morally Offended By This Gold-Plated Lamborghini Countach Interior

5/2/2017 - Comment Of The Day: They'll Get You Every Time Edition

5/2/2017 - Watch Fernando Alonso's First IndyCar Test Online And Hopefully See Something Nice Happen To Him For A Change

5/2/2017 - Tesla Might Have A Solution For Electric Vehicles' Enormous Dirty Secret

5/2/2017 - Here's Another Mysterious Beetle-Based Thing You Probably Never Heard Of (UPDATED)

5/2/2017 - Flea Market Mogul Preston Henn Ass-Kicked His Way Into Becoming A Racing Legend

5/2/2017 - Things Go From Bad To Worse To Oh No My Car Has Broken In Half For Vintage Drag Racer

5/2/2017 - This Guy Sold His Volkswagen And Broke His Little Girl's Heart

5/2/2017 - Kid Has Best Time Ever Locked In Car

5/2/2017 - If You Can't Stand Another Camry The 2017 Kia Optima Hybrid Says Hi

5/2/2017 - This Audi 90 Is So Fast, It Blew Its Own Door Off

5/2/2017 - Ride-Hailing Faces A Crowded And Uncertain Future

5/2/2017 - What Is The Most Hideous Trim Package On An Otherwise Nice Car?

5/2/2017 - This Is What It Looks Like When A Tornado Hits A Car Dealership

5/2/2017 - Watch The Exact Moment This Guy Realizes He Crashed His Subaru STI

5/2/2017 - What Is The Grossest, Most Disgusting Mess Your Kids Have Made In Your Car?

5/2/2017 - What It's Like To Drive A Dirt-Cheap Slammed BMW 7 Series

5/2/2017 - New Car Sales Are In The Longest Losing Streak Since 2009

5/2/2017 - I Am Flying To Arkansas To Get My 1974 Volkswagen That Was Stranded For A Year

5/2/2017 - Gorillaz -- 'Andromeda'

5/2/2017 - For $4,700, Could This 1983 Renault R5 Be Le Wonderful?

5/1/2017 - Meh Car Monday: The Last Mitsubishi Galant

5/1/2017 - Sports Car Legend And Flea Market Mogul Preston Henn Dies At 86

5/1/2017 - Car Crushed After Russians Forgot They Were Pumping Up A Massive Three-Ton Tire

5/1/2017 - Acura Ditched Its Old Creepy Beak-Nose Because No One Wanted To Look At It

5/1/2017 - Ferrari: Screw Your Rules, Naturally Aspirated V12 4EVA

5/1/2017 - Elio Motors Says It Needs $376 Million To Fund Production

5/1/2017 - Comment Of The Day: How Do You Like Your Priceless Steak? Edition

5/1/2017 - What Do You Want To Know About The 2017 Honda Rebel?

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