Meet The Porsches Of America's Most Freakishly Obsessive Car Show

America’s obsession with air-cooled Porsches has climbed from a hippie appreciation to yuppie objectification to big-money speculation and now virtually religious fixation. Luftgekühlt is its newest tent revival, America’s most obsessive car show.

This is the fourth Luftgekühlt, held in LA, the home of healthy obsession-management. The word means air-cooled, referring to all the Porsches built before the company hired Toyota to teach it how to stop building forever cars and start actually making a profit.


Everything is just so, particularly the lifted Safari-style cars that Leh Keen builds. I love it.

Fellow LA-ers Donut Media put together this video for the show, in all of its tasteful-driving glory. Wait, no, wrong hashtag.

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