These Are The Cars That People Keep The Longest

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While some people prefer to get a new car every few years, there is a certain freedom to owning a car long after the loan has been paid off. Here are 10 models that owners are likely to keep for a very long time.


The folks over at analyzed more than 15.7 million used vehicles sold by original owners in the U.S. to identify when new car owners sell their cars. The study concluded that the average car is owned for a period of 7.3 years, which is typically one or two years after they have been paid off.

Of course, some cars stay in the family a bit longer than others. According to the study, these cars are kept well beyond the average ownership term.

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Finding the Toyota Land Cruiser at the top of the list probably isn’t all the surprising considering it is one of the most durable and capable SUVs you can buy, even at its $80,000+ price tag. While most folks who drive a Mercedes GL-Class or Range Rover probably lease their cars and give them back before the warranty expires, Land Cruiser owners can drive with confidence for a long time knowing that their truck isn’t going to drain their retirement accounts with repair costs.

While the other Toyotas on the list are to be expected, it is a little odd to see so many sports cars. However, cars like the Corvette, Boxster, SLK, and TT are often bought as supplemental fun cars and not daily drivers.

On the other hand, SUVs like the Explorer and Sequoia tend to be used as family cars until they don’t have any more life in them.


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Surprised/not surprised by the boxster. I mean I don’t know why you would keep it so long, but I see people with old boxsters a lot. Maybe its “my first Porsche” that they scrimped and saved for and have a hard time parting with it...especially since there is no real value in selling it.