Runaway Dump Truck Careens Into Car, Somehow Doesn't Kill Anybody

There’s a very lucky Honda Accord owner in Bellevue, Washington. There’s also a very unlucky one. They’re the same person. They’re also the person that was T-boned by a dump truck with no brakes yesterday on Coal Creek Parkway.

They’re unlucky because, duh, a massive dump truck ran right into them and plowed them right into the freaking forest off the side of the road, and they’re lucky because, according to KIRO 7, they only suffered minor injuries.

The dump truck seems to have lost its brakes, which is why it makes a beeline for those woods like it was a bear who saw the Pillsbury Dough Boy sleeping among the trees.

Is there a takeaway here? Try not to get hit by massive trucks plagued with random mechanical failures?


Yeah, do that.

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Shout out to the stopping power of that Tahoe!