Photo: National Lampoon’s Vacation

Sometimes going to a car dealership is a fine experience that requires no repeating. Sometimes things go so bad that you just have to tell your story on the internet.

Last week, I asked you guys for your worst dealership stories, whether you were a customer or a salesman.

Part of me now thinks that dealerships are the best places to see some action.

“Bad Gas” (Mexifinn)

Sure. Okay.

Eminem (NaturalAspirations)

The real Slim Shady got your back.

Rear-Ended (WWKD)

Gotta take the bad with the good. But it worked out!

Not Refundable (LTT)

And threw coffee?

Eighteen Years Old (ScoobsMcGee)

That’s pretty shitty.

Sketch (ntvnyer)

Good on your friend!

Job Seeker (HemiJK)

And then some.

Your Car’s Gone (tstammen)

Dude! That’s messed up!

Murderer (TheRealDudeAbide)

I have no words.

An Oil Problem (The_Answer_is_Heep)

Can’t handle this anymore.

Juke (rockympls)

Cargo shorts were, apparently, all they needed to see.