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This PIT Maneuver In NASCAR's Pit Lane Is The Pits

GIF via FS1

Chase Elliott didn’t quite see Michael McDowell’s No. 95 car swoop in for a pit stop in Kansas Speedway’s pit lane, turning McDowell around and damaging both cars in the process. Well, that’s the pits.


McDowell’s crew was able to service the No. 95 while it was backwards, as it luckily got turned around into his pit stall and not into Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s crew, which was out working on the N0. 88 during the crash.


Elliott in the No. 24 seemed none too happy with McDowell when they were both out on track. No one was harmed, but boy, did this look silly. The No. 24 keeps having issues with its right front fender rubbing its tires in the last few moments of Stage 1, as the No. 24 crew thought it was fixed, but it apparently wasn’t.

Like we’ve said before recently, the area around the pits isn’t for PIT maneuvers.

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