Photo via Favcars
Comment Of The DayYour good comments.  

Few driving experiences are as frightening as a Jeep’s “Death Wobble,” an uncontrollable oscillation of the front wheels caused by worn out steering components. But, as one commenter reminds us, sometimes cars are actually designed to wobble.

In response to Spiegel’s comment asserting that Death Wobble wouldn’t be so bad if it were instead sold as “twerking,” commenter The Devil Drives a Mustang (Rotary Pending) showed us what it really looks like when a vehicle “twerks”:

The Devil Drives a Mustang (Rotary Pending) then took it a step further, showing a helicopter’s Ground Resonance Test, which I suppose is what a twerk looks like in the helicopter world:

Since we’re referencing out-of-style dance moves, knock yourself out with this one; maybe even try to get your Jeep to dance along: