NASCAR's Kyle Busch Needs A Juice Box And A Nap

GIF via Greg Engle

NASCAR driver Kyle Busch was disappointed in his second place finish at this weekend’s Coke 600, and wasn’t in the mood to answer questions. So, he gave a brief answer to the one he was asked in the media pit, and to signify he done once and for all, he threw the microphone down.

Kyle Busch desperately wanted to follow up his All-Star Race win with a win of the Coke 600 to sweep both races at Charlotte Motor Speedway this month. But Busch opted to pit when Austin Dillon stayed out on a fuel mileage gamble and couldn’t catch up to Dillon in time to pass him, ultimately finishing 0.835 seconds behind Dillon. And man, was that ever frustrating—as we can see with this mic drop.


Sure enough, per NASCAR’s own transcript of the post-race media room interviews, that really was all of Busch’s remarks to the media pit:

The really funny thing is, this says so much more than the usual “we tried really hard” chatter laden down with one too many sponsor thank-yous that we usually get in the media pit. Racing drivers have a frustrating knack for using a lot of words to convey very little information.

But not this time. This short mic drop tells us everything we wanted to know about how Kyle Busch feels about second place.

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Honest question. Why would anyone be a Kyle Busch fan? Just because he has driving talent means he can be a complete bitch and there is a fanset OK with that?