Toyota: Please Stop Calling Us Boring

Akio Toyoda presenting the not boring 2018 Toyota Camry in Detroit. Photo credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images 
Akio Toyoda presenting the not boring 2018 Toyota Camry in Detroit. Photo credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images 

Toyota has heard one too many jokes about the Camry dent, and about how it carries the large, beige-colored flag of vanilla midsize sedans. But it’s 2017. The angles are sharper, the wheels are sportier, and Toyota wants you to stop calling its cars boring. Please. Guys. Please.


At least, that’s what it sounds like. Just a few months after unveiling the new, less boring Camry that may, in fact, be too edgy for Camry buyers, Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda told USA Today:

“Until now, there were times when Toyota’s cars were called ‘boring’ or were said to be lacking in character,” Toyoda told reporters Wednesday. “But I now feel that, in terms of driving and design, our customers have begun to favorably evaluate our cars.”

USA Today reports that Toyoda admitted that the company still has “room for improvement,” which means the Camry (and its other cars! Did you know it makes other cars? It does!) could get wilder—especially with $1.3 billion dumped into its Georgetown, Kentucky plant where a lot of the Camry upgrades will occur. How... wild! Just like Toyota these days!

Toyota isn’t boring anymore. That was just a phase. Ignore it now. It is definitely not boring anymore. It won’t be your lame, everyday beige-sedan provider like it always has been. Get ready for wilder Camrys, and, maybe, fewer dents.



The truth is, most driving is boring these days, regardless of what you’re driving. The daily traffic-riddled commute, popping out for groceries, etc. I do those things in a highly entertaining car, and they still aren’t exactly what I’d call fun.

And for most people, that’s the only kind of driving they do. Why does anyone think they need a “fun” car for that?

You know what’s cool? Getting to your destination without trouble. Toyota makes cars that do exactly that. And I find that something worth celebrating, not a target of derision.

So who cares if a bunch of so-called car enthusiasts call Toyota boring while they try to look cool on the Internet? Most of those dumb fucks have never even driven the cars they profess to love so much, and never will.