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Car Crushed After Russians Forgot They Were Pumping Up A Massive Three-Ton Tire

A Toyota Corolla owned by the accountant of a Russian scrapyard was completely crushed after yard workers forgot they were pumping a 6,000-pound tire with air, causing it to explode and land on her car. Nobody was injured, but it scared the shit out of a dog.


Video of the explosion shows the over-three-ton tire explode into a cloud of dust and disappear into the sky, only to come flying back down on top of a car, completely flattening it. Via the Mirror:


To the left of the video, you can see a poor pup going flying off into the distance right after the explosion. The poor thing is probably still running.

The chances of this sort of thing to occur, and the fact that it just had to land on somebody’s actual functioning daily-driver and not one of the piles of scrap nearby, is just blatant bad luck. It’s going to make for some pretty awkward workplace interactions between he yard workers and the accountant going forward.

I’m just glad the dog is OK.

H/t to Jeffrey!

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Maybe this accountant was just tired of her Corolla.