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The internet and all of your friends may be talking about #carfeve today, but let’s use that enthusiasm as a jumping off point to something even better: Car fever! For the cars of tomorrow.

Late night comedians may be getting ready to have a ball with #carfefe, but I assure you it’s more fun to have a ball (bearing, that is) over the future of the car industry at home and abroad.


Hashtag #Carveve? It’s “car fever” that has me animated and ready to explain to anyone that asks that the self-driving cars of the future could revolutionize transportation in America. Little birds may “twitter” about the decline of employment in the taxi cab industry but I assure you that self-driving cars will more than make up for that in both safety advances and in opening up new fields of industry that we can now only imagine. One thing that technology companies won’t make a “hash”(tag) of is the software that will allow self-driving cars to virtually eliminate auto accidents in our lifetime. If that’s not a “trending” concern for all of us then I don’t know what is.

What’s the true meaning of #carfove? For me it brings to mind the trove of improvements that our auto industry has in store for a new generation of drivers. Everything from safer windshields to safer lane changes to more aerodynamic—heck, more awesome—designs are what we have to look forward to in the coming years and decades. Anyone who thinks that Detroit is finished is sure to be “trumped” by the fact that American innovation is advancing at a more rapid pace than ever. And I sure don’t plan to be left behind—do you?

The craze for #carvefe was fun, but it will be short lived. And when it’s forgotten, we’ll still be left with an entire nation that needs to get from point A to point B. You can have your bicycles and your hoverboards—I’ll be taking one of the cars of the future, possibly one adaptable to the land, air, and, sea triumvirate. And you can bet that I’ll be wearing my #cravat as I zoom by you, dressed for success in the best car you’ve ever seen as you eat my flipping dust.

#CarMadness—it’s happening whether you like it or not. So get on board!

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