Two Canadian Kids Crash Parents' Truck In Hella Canadian Joyride To Tim Hortons

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Two Canadian brothers, aged 6 and 8, really, really wanted some breakfast, and they wanted it from the holiest of Canadian holy sites: Tim Hortons. So, why wait for Mom and Dad? They stole their parents’ truck and went anyway, per the CBC, only to lose control in the drive-thru and crash in a field.

The older of the two boys drove the pickup to the Tim Hortons in Jarvis, Ontario, around 7:00 a.m. He made it all the way there, which is indisputable proof that this kid could be the next Lance Stroll. That’s some good car control for an eight-year-old! Get that kid in a go-kart right now.


Sadly, once the boys were in Tim Hortons’ drive-thru, the truck hopped a curb and got stuck in a field, where a Tim Hortons employee later spotted the boys. Both were fine and ultimately reunited with their parents.

The exceedingly chill Canadian police must have understood, because they know the allure of fresh, warm Timbits in the morning is too strong. I’d sneak off in Mom’s truck for those, too. No charges were pressed against the boys or their parents. Tim Hortons is a national symbol up there, and to punish kids for a Timmies run would be downright unpatriotic.


Should’ve taken the zamboni, kids. It’s probably easier to control than a full-size truck.

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