How To Celebrate Victory And Kill Tires Like A Boss

GIF via Donut Media

Donuts. Burnouts. Backflips. Something called “The Jailbreak.” There are some moves that you need to know how to do if you ever win a race, and Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series driver Joey Logano is here to show you how to do them all in style.

Donuts may have once been a frowned-upon move, but now they’re inseparable from a trip to Victory Lane. Did you win the race? Then it’s time to show off like a proper hoon. Run around with the checkered flag. Climb that fence to say hi to the fans. And most importantly, shred those tires.


There’s one move Logano didn’t demonstrate in the video because it’s Carl Edwards’ trademark move: the backflip. Just in case you’re not familiar with Edwards’ post-race acrobatics, here’s a compilation of Edwards’ best:

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Joey Logano has that same very punchable looking face that Doug DeMuro has.

The different is that I don’t think most people want to punch Doug.