Watch Keselowski's Car Go Under Elliott's Car Like A NASCAR Spatula In Fiery Crash


Chase Elliott ran over a piece of debris that fell off Jeffrey Earnhardt’s car during tonight’s NASCAR Coke 600, causing his car to leak oil and catch on fire. Brad Keselowski was the unlucky driver who had nowhere to go, hitting the back of Elliott’s car so hard that Keselowski’s front end went under the rear of Elliott’s car like a spatula.

You can see a large piece fall off of Earnhardt’s No. 33 car as it started smoking on track:


Fox commentators suspect that Elliott’s oil cooler was damaged by the debris, which would have easily started the oil fire. A huge hole was left in the front of Elliott’s car.

Both Keselowski’s and Elliott’s cars were pretty well obliterated by the hard hit. Fortunately, Keselowski didn’t go so far under the No. 24 to flip Elliott over on his roof, and all three drivers were okay following these incidents.

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