Tesla To Allow Free Supercharging Again But Only If You Have The Hookup

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Back in November, Tesla announced it would no longer offer free access to its global Supercharger network, an obvious bummer to Tesla owners everywhere. But now, the automaker’s bringing back the consumer benefit—but only under limited circumstances.

But now, under a new referral program unveiled this month, free Supercharging is a possibility once more.

According to Business Insider, the way it works is like this: a Tesla owner can hand out a referral code to up to five people, and anyone who uses a referral code to purchase a Model S or X will receive free Supercharging.


Via the story:

Now new Tesla owners will have the option to unlock free Supercharger access, as long as they know the right people. Anyone who purchased a Model S or Model X when the new policy went into effect can still unlock free Supercharger access retroactively if they find a referral code.

Tesla said that vehicles ordered in 2017 would come with 400 kWh worth of free Supercharging credit, about 1,000 miles of travel. Of course, most drivers rack that up in a month or so—and many likely charge their vehicles at home or at work.

Though a Supercharger fee isn’t significant, no one likes losing a free perk. So, congrats to the limited amount of folks who can take advantage of this.

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Do they really think the problem is that their current customers AREN’T TALKING ABOUT THEIR TESLA ENOUGH? They must know different owners than I do.