We're Celebrating Moms Today On Jalopnik!

Since some of us are celebrating Mother’s Day on this fine Sunday, Jalopnik decided we’d spend time writing about or reading about our moms. Throughout the day, you’ll see blogs about moms on our homepage. We welcome you to read them, and to tell your stories about mom (or the person you call mom) as well!


That GIF above is my mom driving a rally car on Saturday, since we spent part of our weekend practicing left-foot braking and making slalom runs in the dirt. I, personally, think I did the figure eights faster. But that’s just friendly family competition, right?

Have a great Sunday, and don’t forget to say happy Mother’s Day!

Staff writer, Jalopnik

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i would tell the heartwarming story of my mother teaching me to drive but tbh our lessons mostly consisted of her yelling at me to go faster (look i am ALREADY GOING the speed limit MOM) and periodically reaching over and *yanking the wheel to swerve us into oncoming traffic* because she was so unused to the perspective from the passenger seat that she thought i was too close to the shoulder and eventually i just got my friends to teach me in parking lots
thanks, mom