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Tesla’s Model 3 might be the make-or-break vehicle for the automaker, but founder Elon Musk is continuing to push a future vision of the company anyway. That means an emphasis on investing heavily in electric vehicle infrastructure. And while it’s probably overly-optimistic for now, Musk said last week that Tesla will announce “probably four” new Gigafactory sites in 2017.


Speaking on Friday at the 2017 TED Conference in Vancouver, Musk said that more factories to produce batteries for its electric vehicles are on the way.

“I think we’ll announce locations for somewhere between two and four Gigafactories later this year.Yeah, probably four,” Musk said. He wouldn’t specify where, but said the reason was simple: “We need to address a global market.”

Electrek says one of the new locations is expected to land in China, with another in Europe.

The success of electric vehicles will be contingent on a heavy investment in infrastructure to support them—and Tesla’s at the very least showing it would like to see a significantly larger amount of money spent on making that happen. Just last week, the automaker announced that its Supercharger network would double in size this year, with some sites along busy corridors being constructed to handle several dozen Teslas charging simultaneously.


I guess that means Tesla will need to raise some additional capital soon.

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