Everyone Somehow Survives After Horror Crash Literally Splits Car Down The Middle

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A crash scene on Highway 101 near Cloverdale, California, this weekend left a Chevrolet Impala literally sliced in half with the driver still behind the wheel. The other half of the car landed upright on a nearby hillside.

According to the California Highway Patrol, a 26-year-old woman in a Malibu (actually, as readers have noted, it looks to be an Impala) was headed south on Saturday morning when a northbound Toyota Sequoia drifted into her lane, The Santa Rosa Press Democrat reported. A horrible crash ensued.

A former Air Force ambulance driver named Tom Bond recorded the aftermath, a scene that he described to The Press Democrat as “the craziest thing [he’s] ever seen.” One look at the clip, and you’ll understand why:

The enormous Toyota SUV sheared everything behind the Impala’s first row completely in half, leaving the Chevy’s driver sitting on the highway in one half of her destroyed car, while the other half sat in an upright position on the nearby grassy hillside.


The accident severely mangled the Sequoia’s front end, and tossed the driver out of the SUV and onto the roadway. You can see bystanders attending to him in the clip above.

The ambulance took both drivers to the hospital. Somehow, according to the CHP, the Impala driver sustained only minor injuries, while the man in the Sequoia made it out with moderate wounds. As for what caused the accident, the newspaper says police believe drugs may have been involved.