GIF via Daniel Fink

It’s not a good day for being on the high side of a pass around the turns of Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Conor Daly tried to make a pass around the outside of Charlie Kimball in Turn 3, but didn’t give Kimball enough room, tapping the side of Kimball’s car and ending up in the wall as a result.

Commentators noted that Daly’s pass was unlikely to stick anyway, as his team was running less downforce on his car. More downforce and he could have possibly made this pass stick without darting down into Kimball’s side.

Indy 500 rookie Jack Harvey was taken out by debris that came off Daly’s car, striking a piece and spinning off track as a result.

The Indianapolis 500 is getting antsy now, with everyone dicing for position on these restarts, and yet another yellow flag just dropped for debris on track. We’re not even at the halfway point!

Meanwhile, F1 star Fernando Alonso has been consistently running near the front of the pack, which is pretty exciting to watch. The Andretti cars (including Alonso’s and 2016 winner Alexander Rossi’s cars) have all been fast so far, much to Alonso fans’ relief.