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Toyota's Final, 1-2 Winning Lap At The 6 Hours Of Spa Was Intense

GIF via Speed

Could this be Toyota’s year to win Le Ma—wait. No. Stop there. Nope. We don’t want to accidentally jinx those guys. Toyota won their second World Endurance Championship race of the year with an eat-it-Porsche 1-2 win at Spa, and the last lap where the the No. 7 tried so hard to get around the No. 8 was incredible.


Kobayashi, one of those drivers I genuinely miss in Formula One, was in the second-place No. 7 Toyota TS050, furiously chasing Sébastien Buemi in the No. 8 Toyota TS050. Kobayashi ultimately caught traffic, but holy crap, that near-miss of the back of a Ferrari at 1:16 is incredible.


The 6 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps is generally considered to be the big test run for the 24 Hours of Le Mans, but it’s still hard to tell who is going to win out of the big LMP1 efforts. Porsche won pole at Spa, and managed to catch up to and even pass the second Toyota at times throughout the race, but Toyota still won.

AF Corse Ferrari 488 GTEs got the top two spots on the podium in GTE Pro, with the No. 71 taking the win. G-Drive’s No. 76 car won LMP2 off pole position, and Aston Martin Racing’s No. 98 Vantage GTE took the GTE Am win. Full results can be found here.

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Is there a better track on the planet than Spa? Didn’t think so.