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This Japanese Pizza Delivery Scooter Battle Is Proof That People Will Race Anything

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Are you bored? Is there a wheeled vehicle within your grasp, like a Honda Gyro delivery scooter? You should probably grab a friend and do some racing—because you can.


Honda Gyros are commonly used as delivery vehicles in Japan. The weirdly tilting three-wheeled scooter-thing earns a tax break for only having a 50 cc engine, per New Atlas, so they’re everywhere—even on track, apparently. 

More known for getting 100 mpg and delivering saucy, cheesy goodness than outright speed, these two Gyros can still put on a fun show. They even go fender-to-fender at points in the evenly matched scooters—even if one racer feels the need to push his along to get it up to speed.


Given enough time and boredom, people will find a way to race every wheeled vehicle in existence.

[H/T Paulo!]